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द्वय adj. dvaya of 2 kinds or sorts
द्वय adj. dvaya double
द्वय adj. dvaya twofold
द्वय m. dvaya a pair
द्वय n. dvaya twofold nature
द्वय n. dvaya masc. and fem. Gender
द्वय n. dvaya both
द्वय n. dvaya group of two [used as a suffix to noun]
द्वय n. dvaya two things
द्वय n. dvaya couple
द्वय n. dvaya pair
द्वय n. dvaya falsehood
द्वयम् adverb dvayam between
- द्वय n. - dvaya binary
- द्वय n. - dvaya pair of
द्वयस adj. dvayasa reaching up to
द्वयस adj. dvayasa having the length or breadth or depth of
द्वयाग्नि m. dvayAgni Ceylon Leadwort plant [Plumbago zeylanica - Bot.]
द्वयाविन् adj. dvayAvin false
द्वयाविन् adj. dvayAvin dishonest
द्वयहीन adj. dvayahIna destitute of both genders
द्वयहीन adj. dvayahIna neuter
द्वयातिग adj. dvayAtiga one who has overcome the two or the opposites
द्वयातिग m. dvayAtiga saint
द्वयातिग m. dvayAtiga holy or virtuous man
द्वयात्मक adj. dvayAtmaka having a twofold nature
द्वयात्मक adj. dvayAtmaka appearing in a twofold manner
द्वयवादिन् adj. dvayavAdin dishonest
द्वयवादिन् adj. dvayavAdin double-tongued
द्वयवादिन् adj. dvayavAdin insincere
द्वयद्वयसमापत्ति f. dvayadvayasamApatti copulation
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