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क्रान्तिकक्षा f. krAntikakSA ecliptic
क्रान्ति m. krAnti ecliptic
अपममण्डल n. apamamaNDala ecliptic
क्रान्तिमण्डल n. krAntimaNDala ecliptic
अपमवृत्त n. apamavRtta ecliptic
अयनवृत्त n. ayanavRtta ecliptic
अपवृत्त n. apavRtta ecliptic
अपक्रममण्डल n. apakramamaNDala ecliptic
क्रान्तिजीवा f. krAntijIvA sine of the ecliptic
कदम्ब m. kadamba pole of the ecliptic
क्षेत्रलिप्ता f. kSetraliptA minute of the ecliptic
क्षेत्रांश m. kSetrAMza degree of the ecliptic
मध्यभ madhyabha meridian ecliptic point
मध्यम n. madhyama meridian ecliptic point
परक्रान्ति f. parakrAnti inclination of the ecliptic
कदम्बभ्रममण्डल n. kadambabhramamaNDala polar circle of the ecliptic
राशि m. rAzi one-twelfth part of the ecliptic
क्रान्तिक्षेत्र n. krAntikSetra figure described by the ecliptic
अयनकला f. ayanakalA correction for ecliptic deviation
अयनदृक्कर्मन् n. ayanadRkkarman calculation for ecliptic deviation
क्रान्तिपातगति f. krAntipAtagati motion of the nodes of the ecliptic
क्षेत्रलिप्तीकरण n. kSetraliptIkaraNa reducing to minutes of the ecliptic
क्रान्तिभाग m. krAntibhAga declination of a point of the ecliptic
वालन adj. vAlana relating to the variation of the ecliptic
मध्यलग्न n. madhyalagna point of the ecliptic situated on the meridian
परमापम m. paramApama inclination of a planet's orbit to the ecliptic
त्रिभोनलग्न n. tribhonalagna highest point of the ecliptic above the horizon
वित्रिभलग्नक n. vitribhalagnaka highest point of the ecliptic above the horizon
गोचरपीडा f. gocarapIDA inauspicious position of stars within the ecliptic
क्रान्तिपात m. krAntipAta intersection of the ecliptic and equinoctial circles
अयनग्रह m. ayanagraha planet's longitude as corrected for ecliptic deviation
क्षेपपात m. kSepapAta point where the planets and the moon pass the ecliptic
आयुष्मत् m. AyuSmat third of the twenty-seven yogas or divisions of the ecliptic
इन्द्र m. indra twenty-sixth division of a circle on the plane of the ecliptic [Geom.]
भोग m. bhoga part of the ecliptic occupied by each of the 27 lunar mansions
लग्न m. lagna point where the horizon intersects the ecliptic or path of the planets
त्रिभोनलग्न n. tribhonalagna part of the ecliptic which does not reach the eastern point by 90 degrees
दृक्कर्मन् n. dRkkarman operation by which any planet of a certain latitude is referred to the ecliptic
लग्न m. lagna point of the ecliptic which at a given time is upon the meridian or at the horizon
लग्न m. lagna point or arc of the equator which corresponds to a given point or arc of the ecliptic
जिनवृत्त n. jinavRtta circle drawn with a radius of 24 degrees and having a pole of the ecliptic for its centre
दृक्क्षेप m. dRkkSepa sine of the zenith-distance of the highest or central point of the ecliptic at a given time
दृग्गति f. dRggati cosine of the zenith-distance or the sine of the highest or central point of the ecliptic at a given time
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