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द्वयोः एकः आगच्छतु sent. dvayoH ekaH Agacchatu Either of the two come.
एकतर adj. ekatara either
अन्यतम adj. anyatama either
अन्यतर adj. anyatara either
अन्यतरतस् ind. anyataratas either way
वा adverb vA either-or not
वा adverb vA either-or not
वा adverb vA either-or not
देव m. deva either Brahman
सप्सर adj. sapsara either doing injury
अन्यतरेद्युस् ind. anyataredyus on either of two days
विरोधन n. virodhana either angry altercation
अङ्गार m. aGgAra either heated or not heated
पतत्प्रकर्ष adj. patatprakarSa either prosaical or illogical
अपरिमित adj. aparimita either indefinite or unlimited
श्रम m. zrama effort either bodily or mental
उभयतःशीर्षन् adj. ubhayataHzIrSan having a head towards either way
उभयमुख adj. ubhayamukha having a face towards either way
अद्यतन m. adyatana either from midnight to midnight
लोमवाहिन् adj. lomavAhin either bearing or having feathers
पक्षाष्टमी f. pakSASTamI 8th tithi or day of either half month
अपति f. apati either an unmarried person or a widow
पक्षावसर m. pakSAvasara last tithi or day of either half month
पक्षावसान n. pakSAvasAna last tithi or day of either half month
श्नुष्टि f. znuSTi either a little heap or a small measure
पक्षान्त m. pakSAnta last or 15th tithi of either half month
विश्वप्स्न्य adj. vizvapsnya either having all forms or all-nourishing
अदुःखसुखवेदना f. aduHkhasukhavedanA non-perception of either pain or pleasure
कुन्तीनन्दन m. kuntInandana either of the three elder pANDava princes
अन्योन्यापतितत्यागिन् adj. anyonyApatitatyAgin deserting each other without either losing caste
अर्थदूष्ण n. arthadUSNa either unjust seizure of property or prodigality
कार्यिन् adj. kAryin a party to a suit either as plaintiff or defendant
पुण्डरिस्रजा f. puNDarisrajA either a lotus-wreath or a wreath of Confederate rose [Hibiscus Mutabilis - Bot.]
अनद्धापुरुष m. anaddhApuruSa one who is of no use either to gods or men or the manes
न्यायम् ind. nyAyam after a finite verb expresses either censure or repetition
विषुवत्सङ्क्रान्ति f. viSuvatsaGkrAnti passing of the the sun into the next sign at either equinox
अधीयान m. adhIyAna one who goes over the veda either as a student or a teacher
कूर्च m. kUrca unmerited commendation either of one's self or another person
भाषासम m. bhASAsama sentence so arranged that it may be either Sanskrit or Prakrit
त्र्यङ्गट n. tryaGgaTa 3 strings suspended to either end of a pole for carrying burdens
शौद्र m. zaudra son of a man of either of the first three classes by a zUdra woman
लोहिताक्षसञ्ज्ञा f. lohitAkSasaJjJA artery or vein situated either at the thigh-joint or at the arm-joint
प्रतिवाप m. prativApa admixture of substances to medicines either during or after decoction
पार्ष्णिग्रह m. pArSNigraha either an ally who supports or an enemy who attacks the rear of a king
सभास्थाणु m. sabhAsthANu either a gambling-table or a man who sits like a post at a gambling-table
स्कन्धचाप m. skandhacApa sort of yoke or pole made of bamboo with a cord attached to either end for carrying burdens
शिक्य n. zikya kind of loop or swing made of rope and suspended from either end of a pole or yoke to receive a load
निर्ग्रन्थ adj. nirgrantha saint who has withdrawn from the world and lives either as hermit or religious mendicant wandering about naked
विषमकर्मन् n. viSamakarman finding of two quantities when the difference of their squares is given and either the sum or the difference of the quantities