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एकाग्रचित्तेन adverb ekAgracittena with concentration
एकाग्र adj. ekAgra fixing one's attention upon one point or object
एकाग्र adj. ekAgra unperplexed
एकाग्र adj. ekAgra closely attentive
एकाग्र adj. ekAgra known
एकाग्र adj. ekAgra intent
एकाग्र adj. ekAgra concentrated
एकाग्र adj. ekAgra celebrated
एकाग्र adj. ekAgra one-pointed
एकाग्र adj. ekAgra absorbed in
एकाग्र adj. ekAgra having one point
एकाग्र adj. ekAgra undisturbed
एकाग्र n. ekAgra whole of the long side of a figure which is subdivided
एकाग्रम् ind. ekAgram with undivided attention
एकग्राम m. ekagrAma same village
एकाग्रता f. ekAgratA intentness in the pursuit of one object
एकाग्रता f. ekAgratA close and undisturbed attention
ऐकाग्रय n. aikAgraya intentness on one object
एकाग्रधी adj. ekAgradhI fixing one's mind on one object
एकाग्रधी adj. ekAgradhI closely attentive
एकाग्रतस् ind. ekAgratas with undivided attention
एकाग्रत्व n. ekAgratva close and undisturbed attention
एकाग्रत्व n. ekAgratva intentness in the pursuit of one object
एकग्रामीण adj. ekagrAmINa inhabiting the same village
एकग्रन्थ m. ekagrantha aggregate of 32 letters
एकाग्रचित्त adj. ekAgracitta having the mind intent on one object
एकाग्रदृष्टि adj. ekAgradRSTi fixing one's eyes on one spot
एकाग्रमनस् adj. ekAgramanas fixing one's mind on one object
एकाग्रमनस् adj. ekAgramanas closely attentive
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