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एकायन adj. ekAyana passable for only one
एकायन adj. ekAyana fixing one's thoughts on one object
एकायन adj. ekAyana closely attentive
एकायन adj. ekAyana absorbed in
एकायन n. ekAyana meeting-place
एकायन n. ekAyana centre of union
एकायन n. ekAyana narrow way or path accessible for only one person
एकायन n. ekAyana absorption in one
एकायन n. ekAyana only way or manner of conduct
एकायन n. ekAyana absolute devotedness to one
एकायन n. ekAyana worldly wisdom
एकायन n. ekAyana unity
एकायनगत adj. ekAyanagata walking on a foot-path only wide enough for one
एकायनगत adj. ekAyanagata one who has fixed all his thoughts on one object
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