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निर्वाचन n. nirvAcana election
उपनिर्वाचन n. upanirvAcana by-election
उपनिर्वाचन n. upanirvAcana by-election
मान्य निर्वाचन n. mAnya nirvAcana valid election
वर m. vara election
संवर m. saMvara election
होतृप्रवर m. hotRpravara election of a hotR
होतृवर्य n. hotRvarya election of the hotR
होतृवूर्य n. hotRvUrya election of the hotR
ब्रह्मवरण n. brahmavaraNa election of a chief priest
स्वयंवर m. svayaMvara election of a husband by a princess or daughter of a kSatriya at a public assembly of suitors
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