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गतैकादश्याम् phrase gataikAdazyAm eleventh day of the previous fortnight
एकादश adj. ekAdaza eleventh
दशोत्तर m. dazottara eleventh
रुद्र m. rudra eleventh
रुद्र m. rudra eleventh
एकादश adj. ekAdaza the eleventh
एकादशक adj. ekAdazaka the eleventh
एकादशम adj. ekAdazama the eleventh
आय m. Aya eleventh lunar mansion
एकादशी f. ekAdazI eleventh day of a fortnight
शोभन m. zobhana eleventh year of Jupiter's cycle
उपचय m. upacaya and eleventh of the zodiacal signs
एकादशीव्रत n. ekAdazIvrata fasting on the eleventh day of a fortnight
कामगम m. kAmagama class of deities of the eleventh manvantara
अग्नितेजस् m. agnitejas one of the seven RSis of the eleventh manvantara
उत्थानैकादशी f. utthAnaikAdazI eleventh day in the light or former half of the month kArttikA
रथगरुत m. rathagaruta ninth cubit from the bottom or the eleventh from the top of a sacrificial post
एकादशी f. ekAdazI presentation of offerings to pitRs or deceased ancestors on the eleventh day after their death
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