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अभिद्योतन n. abhidyotana emphasis [computer]
महत्त्व n. mahattva emphasis
गौरवेण वदति verb 1 gauraveNa vadati { vad } emphasize
अधुनैव indecl. adhunaiva now [emphasis]
काकु f. kAku emphasis
अवधारण n. avadhAraNa emphasis
वै adverb vai particle of emphasis and affirmation
कतम adj. katama the superlative affix imparting emphasis
उत indecl. uta often used for the sake of emphasis at the end of a line after iti or a verb
एतद् adj. etad used to give emphasis to the personal pronouns or with omission of those pronouns
आत् ind. At It is sometimes used after an interrogative pronoun to give emphasis to the pronoun
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