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व्यापृत adj. vyApRta employed
लभ्धास्पद adj. labhdhAspada employed
व्यापारिन् adj. vyApArin employed
प्रयोक्तव्य adj. prayoktavya to be used or employed
प्रसक्त adj. prasakta employed
संनियुक्त adj. saMniyukta employed
सम्प्रयोजित adj. samprayojita employed
उपयुक्त adj. upayukta employed
योजित adj. yojita employed
समासेवित adj. samAsevita employed
युक्त adj. yukta employed
परिशिलित adj. parizilita employed
उपात्त adj. upAtta employed
व्यववहृत adj. vyavavahRta employed
अभ्युपयुक्त adj. abhyupayukta employed
नियोगिन् adj. niyogin employed
व्यपेक्षित adj. vyapekSita employed
प्रयुक्त ppp. prayukta employed
व्याप्रियते verb vyApriyate { vyApR } be employed
व्याप्रिणुते verb vyApriNute { vyApR } be employed
उपहित adj. upahita employed for
उपयोक्तव्य adj. upayoktavya to be employed
प्रविधान n. pravidhAna means employed
निबद्ध adj. nibaddha employed as a word
तत्रभव adj. tatrabhava employed with that
कान्दविक adj. kAndavika employed in baking
उद्योगस्थ m. udyogastha one who is employed
नियुक्त adj. niyukta used or employed for
व्यापारयति verb caus. vyApArayati { vyApR } cause to be employed
उत्तरभक्तिक adj. uttarabhaktika employed after eating
समञ्जनञ्जनीय adj. samaJjanaJjanIya employed in anointing
सूपयुक्त adj. sUpayukta well used or employed
प्रतिविधातव्य adj. pratividhAtavya to be used or employed
उपयोग्य adj. upayogya to be employed or used
विधेय adj. vidheya to be used or employed
योजनीय adj. yojanIya to be used or employed
भोक्तव्य adj. bhoktavya to be used or employed
सम्प्रयोक्तव्य adj. samprayoktavya to be used or employed
व्यवहार्य adj. vyavahArya to be employed or used
प्रयोगिन् adj. prayogin being employed or used
समिध् f. samidh grass employed as fuel
आसन्नयोधिन् adj. Asannayodhin employed in close fight
अष्टक्या f. aSTakyA cow employed at the A f
समुपादाय ind. samupAdAya having used or employed
सकृत्प्रयोगिन् adj. sakRtprayogin being employed only once
चारचक्षुस् n. cAracakSus spy employed like an eye
इन्द्रजाल n. indrajAla weapon employed by arjuna
उपयुज्यते verb pass. upayujyate { upayuj } be employed or applicable
मोह m. moha magic employed to bewilder
कर्मप्रवचनीय adj. karmapravacanIya employed to denote an action
क्षेत्रपाल m. kSetrapAla man employed to guard fields
मुख्यार्थ adj. mukhyArtha employed in the original sense
औत्तरभक्तिक adj. auttarabhaktika employed or taken after a meal
बन्धक m. bandhaka one who is employed in binding
रात्रिच्छन्दस् n. rAtricchandas metre employed at the atirAtra
ग्रहण n. grahaNa word mentioned or employed and
प्रवर्तनीय adj. pravartanIya to be set in motion or employed
प्रयोज्यत्व n. prayojyatva state of being used or employed
व्यापृत adj. vyApRta employed or concerned in or with
उपधान adj. upadhAna employed or used in placing upon
उपयोज्य adj. upayojya to be employed or used or applied
कर्मवत् adj. karmavat busy with or employed in any work
विनियोज्य adj. viniyojya to be applied or used or employed
विनियोक्तव्य adj. viniyoktavya to be appointed to or employed in
सिद्धसाधन n. siddhasAdhana materials employed in those rites
संविज्ञानभूत adj. saMvijJAnabhUta become generally known or employed
सेव्य adj. sevya to be practised or used or employed
प्रयोज्य adj. prayojya to be used or employed or practised
बिदलकरी f. bidalakarI woman employed in splitting bamboos
विधातव्य n. vidhAtavya to be used or employed or appointed
द्रावक n. drAvaka drug employed in diseases of spleen
व्यवहरणवहर्तव्य adj. vyavaharaNavahartavya to be managed or used or employed on
व्यग्र adj. vyagra eagerly occupied with or employed in
कलमगोपवधू f. kalamagopavadhU woman employed to guard a rice-field
योज्य adj. yojya to be used or employed or set to work
तक्षण m. takSaNa divisor employed to reduce a quantity
वारिकोश m. vArikoza consecrated water employed at ordeals
वर्षवर m. varSavara one employed in the women's apartments
योग्यारथ m. yogyAratha carriage employed in military exercises
संनियोज्य adj. saMniyojya to be appointed or employed or commissioned
आध्यायिक m. AdhyAyika occupied or employed in reading or studying
सम्पूर्ण m. sampUrNa one of the four wagtails employed for augury
अनुप्रयोक्तव्य adj. anuprayoktavya to be joined or employed in addition or after
क्षेत्ररक्ष m. kSetrarakSa man employed to guard fields from depredation
आटिमुख n. ATimukha surgical instrument employed in blood-letting
यज्ञायुध n. yajJAyudha any vessel or utensil employed at a sacrifice
अनुप्रयुज्यमान adj. anuprayujyamAna being employed in addition or after or afterwards
प्राबोधक m. prAbodhaka minstrel employed to wake the king in the morning
योक्तव्य adj. yoktavya to be prepared or employed or practised or applied
संसेव्य adj. saMsevya to be used or employed or practised or indulged in
पुष्पाञ्जन n. puSpAJjana calx of brass employed as a lotion or wash for eyes
नियोज्य adj. niyojya to be appointed or employed or directed or commanded
होमद्रव्य n. homadravya anything employed for a homa-sacrificial or oblation
प्रचरणी f. pracaraNI wooden ladle employed for want of a better at a sacrifice
प्राकषिक m. prAkaSika dancer employed by a woman or one supported by another's wives
हृद्य m. hRdya Vedic mantra employed to effect the subjection of an enemy or rival
उदास्थित m. udAsthita ascetic who instead of fulfilling his vow is employed as a spy or emissary
ग्रह m. graha any ladle or vessel employed for taking up a portion of fluid out of a larger vessel
कुलाचार्य m. kulAcArya person well versed in pedigrees and customs of different families and employed to contract marriages between them
परिकर m. parikara particular figure in which many significant epithets or adjectives are employed one after the other to give force to a statement
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