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उत्थित adj. utthita endeavouring
समभ्युद्यत adj. samabhyudyata endeavouring
वाहन n. vAhana endeavouring
सयत्न adj. sayatna endeavouring to
जिघत्नु adj. jighatnu endeavouring to hurt
इष्टि f. iSTi endeavouring to obtain
अस्मयु adj. asmayu endeavouring to attain us
आततायिन् adj. AtatAyin endeavouring to kill some one
अनुरूपचेष्ट adj. anurUpaceSTa endeavouring to act becomingly
समभिसरण n. samabhisaraNa wishing or endeavouring to gain
आरिराधयिषु adj. ArirAdhayiSu endeavouring to gain one's favour
बहुलीकरिष्णु adj. bahulIkariSNu striving or endeavouring to increase
आराधयिष्णु adj. ArAdhayiSNu wishing or endeavouring to conciliate
इन्द्रियकाम adj. indriyakAma desiring or endeavouring to obtain power
आलम्बन n. Alambana mental exercise practised by the yogin in endeavouring to realize the gross form of the Eternal
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