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अभियोग m. abhiyoga engaging
व्यापार m. vyApAra engaging
परिक्रयण n. parikrayaNa engaging
उपायन n. upAyana engaging
प्रवर्त m. pravarta engaging in
चर्य n. carya engaging in
प्रवर्तन n. pravartana engaging in
ज्ञान n. jJAna engaging in
व्यापारकारक adj. vyApArakAraka engaging with
अप्रवर्तन n. apravartana not engaging in
रणाभियोग m. raNAbhiyoga engaging in battle
रक्त adj. rakta engaging in pastime
चक्रवाट m. cakravATa engaging in an action
श्रुतिप्रसादन n. zrutiprasAdana engaging the attention
करुणारम्भ adj. karuNArambha engaging in deplorable actions
हस्तग्रह m. hastagraha putting hand to or engaging in
रङ्गप्रवेश m. raGgapraveza engaging in theatrical performances
यात्राप्रसङ्ग m. yAtrAprasaGga engaging in or performing a pilgrimage
प्रवेश m. praveza engaging closely in a pursuit or purpose
महायन्त्रप्रवर्तन n. mahAyantrapravartana engaging in or erecting great mechanical works
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