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बुद्ध m. buddha enlightened
ऋत adj. Rta enlightened
प्रबुद्ध adj. prabuddha enlightened
द्युतित adj. dyutita enlightened
प्रतिबुद्ध adj. pratibuddha enlightened
प्रभोदित adj. prabhodita enlightened
प्रकाश adj. prakAza enlightened
प्रकाशित adj. prakAzita enlightened
कवि adj. kavi enlightened [m]
बुद्ध m. buddha enlightened one
सुप्रबुद्ध adj. suprabuddha completely enlightened
अन्तर्ज्योतिस् adj. antarjyotis having the soul enlightened
बोध्य adj. bodhya to be enlightened or instructed
बोद्धव्य adj. boddhavya to be enlightened or admonished
सम्बोध्य adj. sambodhya to be enlightened or instructed
क्रतुप्रा adj. kratuprA becoming inspired or enlightened
ऋषिमनस् adj. RSimanas of far-seeing or enlightened mind
बोधि m.f. bodhi illuminated or enlightened intellect
बुद्ध m. buddha fully enlightened man who has achieved perfect knowledge of the truth and thereby is liberated from all existence and before his own attainment of nirvANa reveals the method of obtaining it
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