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प्रविष्ट adj. praviSTa entered
स्रोत आपन्न adj. srota Apanna one who has entered the above river
विचीर्ण adj. vicIrNa entered
आगत adj. Agata entered
विगाढ adj. vigADha entered
आपन्न adj. Apanna entered
निर्विष्ट adj. nirviSTa entered
लगित adj. lagita entered
अपीत adj. apIta entered
संनिवेशित adj. saMnivezita entered
आविष्ट adj. AviSTa entered
नीत adj. nIta entered
प्रणीत adj. praNIta entered
संविष्ट adj. saMviSTa entered
सम्प्रपन्न adj. samprapanna entered
उपविष्ट adj. upaviSTa entered
निविष्ट adj. niviSTa entered
आविवेश Perfect Aviveza entered
विश्त ppp. vizta entered
अभिविष्ट adj. abhiviSTa entered by
आविष्ट ppp. AviSTa entered by
संलीन adj. saMlIna entered into
विष्ट adj. viSTa entered into
यात adj. yAta entered upon
प्रवेश्य adj. pravezya to be entered
वेश्य adj. vezya to be entered
गाढ adj. gADha deeply entered
अभ्युपेत्य ind. abhyupetya having entered
प्रविष्ट ppp. praviSTa having entered
समारूढ adj. samArUDha entered on or in
सम्प्रवेश m. sampraveza place entered by
निर्वेष्टव्य adj. nirveSTavya to be entered into
संनिविष्ट adj. saMniviSTa entered deeply into
अनुप्रविश्य ind. anupravizya having entered into
यथाप्रपन्नम् ind. yathAprapannam as each one entered
दुरवगाह adj. duravagAha difficult to be entered
दुर्विश adj. durviza difficult to be entered
अभिनिविष्ट adj. abhiniviSTa entered or plunged into
दुष्प्रवेश adj. duSpraveza difficult to be entered
गर्तमित् f. gartamit post entered into a hole
संवेश्य adj. saMvezya to be entered or occupied
समाविष्ट adj. samAviSTa entered together or at once
निमग्न adj. nimagna entered into the other world
विगाह्य adj. vigAhya to be plunged into or entered
सम्प्रविष्ट adj. sampraviSTa entered together or completely
विगाह्यते verb pass. vigAhyate { vigAh } be entered into or engaged upon
सुखावगाह adj. sukhAvagAha easy to be entered or dived into
निवेशनीय adj. nivezanIya to be entered or fixed or raised
वेद्धव्य adj. veddhavya to be entered or penetrated into
यथाप्रवेशम् ind. yathApravezam according to as each one entered
संश्रित adj. saMzrita one who has entered the service of
उपागत adj. upAgata entered into any state or condition
विगाढ adj. vigADha one who has entered or plunged into
निविष्टचक्र adj. niviSTacakra one who has entered anybody's domain
प्रविष्ट adj. praviSTa one who has entered upon or undertaken
दुष्प्रपदन adj. duSprapadana difficult to be attained or entered on
प्रवेष्टव्य adj. praveSTavya to be entered or penetrated or pervaded
वगाह्य ind. vagAhya having bathed or dipped into or entered
प्रविष्ट adj. praviSTa one who has entered or gone or come into
समास्थित adj. samAsthita one who has entered upon or submitted to
लग्न adj. lagna one who has entered on a course of action
उत्तुण्डित n. uttuNDita head of a thorn which has entered the skin
पञ्जिका f. paJjikA book in which receipts and expenditure are entered
उपेत adj. upeta one who has obtained or entered into any state or condition
द्यून n. dyUna 7th sign of the zodiac reckoning from that which the sun has entered
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