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Sanskrit Grammar Transliteration English
कथाभाग m. kathAbhAga episode
प्रसङ्ग m. prasaGga episode
आख्यानम् n. AkhyAnam episode
उपाख्यान n. upAkhyAna episode
रामोपाख्यान n. rAmopAkhyAna episode of rAmas
उपाख्यान n. upAkhyAna episode of a story
दिवोदासोपाख्यान n. divodAsopAkhyAna episode of dhanvantari
हिडिम्बवध m. hiDimbavadha episode of the mahAbhArata
पताका f. patAkA episode or episodical incident
अनुसन्धि m. anusandhi juncture of a patAkA or episode
पञ्चरत्न n. paJcaratna 5 gems or most admired episodes of the
शकटारोपाख्यान n. zakaTAropAkhyAna episode or fable of the monkey zakaTAra
पृथूपाख्यान n. pRthUpAkhyAna episode of pRthu - name of the 29th and 30th chapters of Part II of padmapurANa