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समीकरण n. samIkaraNa equation [math.]
चतुर्घति समीकार m. caturghati samIkAra biquadratic equation [Math.]
प्रतिबन्धी समीकार m. pratibandhI samIkAra conditional equation [Math.]
संमितीय-कार m. saMmitIya-kAra symmetrical equation [Math.]
अवकल-समीकार m. avakala-samIkAra differential equation [Math.]
समीकरण n. samIkaraNa identification in the sense of equation
समीक्रिया f. samIkriyA equation
समीकार m. samIkAra equation
एकवर्णसमीकरण n. ekavarNasamIkaraNa kind of equation
खण्ड m. n. khaNDa term in an equation [math.]
फल n. phala corrective equation
खण्डक n. khaNDaka term in an equation
आप्त m. Apta equation of a degree [math.]
आप्त n. Apta equation of a degree
केन्द्र n. kendra equation of the centre
केन्द्र n. kendra argument of an equation
लघुमूल n. laghumUla lesser root of an equation
मध्यमखण्ड n. madhyamakhaNDa middle term of an equation
शीघ्रफल n. zIghraphala equation of the conjunction
अव्यक्तसाम्य n. avyaktasAmya equation of unknown quantities
शैघ्र n. zaighra equation of the second epicycle
देशान्तरफल n. dezAntaraphala equation for difference of meridian
चतुर्थफल n. caturthaphala 2nd inequality or equation of a planet
मध्यमाहरण n. madhyamAharaNa elimination of the middle term of an equation
मन्दफल n. mandaphala equation of the apsis or the anomalous motion of a planet
तुल्यशोधन n. tulyazodhana reducing an equation by removing the like terms on both sides
समशोधन n. samazodhana subtraction of the same quantity on both sides of the equation
पक्ष m. pakSa primary division or the side of an equation in a primary division
तुल्यशोधन n. tulyazodhana simplifying algebraic equations by removing equal terms from LHS and RHS
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