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समुन्नमति verb 1 samunnamati { samud- nam } evolve into [position]
विकसति verb 1 vikasati { vi- kas } evolve
व्यक्त adj. vyakta evolved
व्यक्त n. vyakta developed or evolved
प्रधानक n. pradhAnaka original germ out of which the material universe is evolved
वैकृतिक adj. vaikRtika belonging to a vikAra i.e. to a production or evolved principle
सूक्ष्मशरीर n. sUkSmazarIra six subtle principles from which the grosser elements are evolved
प्रकृति f. prakRti 8 producers or primary essences which evolve the whole visible world
मूलप्रकृति f. mUlaprakRti original root or germ out of which matter or all apparent forms are evolved
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