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निदर्शन n. nidarzana example
उदाहरण n. udAharaNa example
तद्यथा tadyathA for example
दृष्टान्ततस् indecl. dRSTAntatas for example
दृष्टान्तरूपेन indecl. instr. dRSTAntarUpena for example
तथा हि phrase tathA hi for example
अपूर्व adj. apUrva without example
उदाहरणेन पृच्छा f. udAharaNena pRcchA Query By Example (QBE) [computer]
उदपृच्छा f. udapRcchA Query By Example (QBE) [computer]
निदर्शनेन अनुयोग m. nidarzanena anuyoga Query By Example (QBE) [computer]
उदप्रश्न m. udaprazna Query By Example (QBE) [computer]
निदायोग m. nidAyoga Query By Example (QBE) [computer]
उदाहरणेन अनुयोग m. udAharaNena anuyoga Query By Example (QBE) [computer]
उदायोग m. udAyoga Query By Example (QBE) [computer]
उदाहरणेन प्रश्न m. udAharaNena prazna Query By Example (QBE) [computer]
उदाहृति f. udAhRti example
दृष्टान्त m. dRSTAnta example
प्रदेश m. pradeza example
उद्देशक m. uddezaka example
प्रयोग m. prayoga example
उपोद्घात m. upodghAta example
लक्ष्य n. lakSya example
प्रदर्शन n. pradarzana example
उदाहराणि व्यागरति verb 1 udAharANi vyAgarati { vyA- hR } state examples
प्रतिदृष्टान्त m. pratidRSTAnta counter example
दृष्टान्तशतक n. dRSTAntazataka hundred examples
नायक m. nAyaka paradigm or example
दृष्टान्तयति verb dRSTAntayati { dRSTAntaya } offer as an example
परकृति f. parakRti example or precedent
दृष्टान्तित adj. dRSTAntita adduced as an example
निवृत्ति f. nivRtti citation of an example
उदाहरणीय adj. udAharaNIya to be quoted as example
उदाहार m. udAhAra example or illustration
प्रदेशशास्त्र n. pradezazAstra book containing examples
प्रत्युदाहरति verb pratyudAharati { pratyudAhR } adduce a contrary example
कृतानुकर adj. kRtAnukara following another's example
उपञ्च्य adj. upaJcya to be adduced as an example
उदाहृत्य ind. udAhRtya bringing forward an example
अभ्युदाहरति verb abhyudAharati { abhyudAhR } give an example in addition
उपरि adverb upari as in the following examples
कद् adverb kad as in the following examples
न्यायाधार m. nyAyAdhAra example of virtue or propriety
प्रत्युदाहरण n. pratyudAharaNa counter example or illustration
दार्ष्टान्त adj. dArSTAnta explained by an example or simile
दृष्टान्तवत् adj. dRSTAntavat containing examples or comparisons
प्रत्युदाहार्य adj. pratyudAhArya to be adduced as a counter example
लक्ष्यज्ञत्व n. lakSyajJatva knowledge of a mark or of examples
दृष्टान्ततस् ind. dRSTAntatas as a standard or example or precedent
सीमावृक्ष m. sImAvRkSa one whose example is followed by others
अनुकरण n. anukaraNa act of imitation or of following an example
दार्ष्टान्तिक m. dArSTAntika one who uses an example or simile as a proof
अभ्युदाहरण n. abhyudAharaNa example or illustration of a thing by its reverse
समव्याप्तिक adj. samavyAptika furnishing an example of mutual perpetual pervasion or concomitance
अनुबन्ध m. anubandha child or pupil who imitates an example set by a parent or preceptor
विषमव्याप्तिक adj. viSamavyAptika furnishing an example of partial or one-sided invariable concomitance
प्रतिनियम m. pratiniyama strict rule as to applying an example to particular persons or things only
प्रतिदृष्टान्तसम m. pratidRSTAntasama irrelevant objection by adducing a counter example which ignores the opponent's example
प्रतिदृष्टान्तसम m. pratidRSTAntasama irrelevant objection by adducing a counter example which ignores the opponent's example
मैत्र m. maitra man's name much used as the name of an imaginary person in giving examples in gram. and philosophy
परिहारविशुद्धि f. parihAravizuddhi purification by such mortification and penance as are enjoined by the example of ancient saints or sages
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