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सुरुङ्गा f. suruGgA excavation
वेध m. vedha excavation
पाताल n. pAtAla excavation
वेधन n. vedhana excavation
खात n. khAta excavation
वेधन n. vedhana excavation
सूचिखात m. sUcikhAta pyramidal excavation
वेध m. vedha depth of an excavation
इरिण n. iriNa any excavation in the ground
खन्य adj. khanya coming from excavations or ditches
सूचिखात m. sUcikhAta sharp pyramid or pyramidal excavation
पांसुमर्दन m. pAMsumardana excavation for water round the root of a tree
घनहस्तसङ्ख्या f. ghanahastasaGkhyA contents of an excavation or of a solid alike in figure
ऐक्य n. aikya product of the length and depth of excavations differing in depth
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