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निराह m. nirAha exclamation
उद्घोषण n. udghoSaNa exclamation
ओङ्कार m. oGkAra { OM } exclamation \'Om\'
जहा f. jahA exclamation
ददा ind. dadA exclamation
नमस्कार m. namaskAra exclamation
जयशब्द m. jayazabda exclamation
श्रावित n. zrAvita exclamation
म तावत् phrase ma tAvat God forbid! [exclamation]
हुम् ind. hum an exclamation
ह्रीम् ind. hrIm an exclamation
हुस्स् ind. huss an exclamation
हिम् ind. him an exclamation
हहा ind. hahA an exclamation
ह्रुम् ind. hrum an exclamation
हरि ind. hari an exclamation
हुवा ind. huvA an exclamation
हैमहा ind. haimahA an exclamation
ह्राम् ind. hrAm an exclamation
हये ind. haye an exclamation
ह्रौम् ind. hraum an exclamation
वेट्कार m. veTkAra exclamation veT
वाट्कार m. vATkAra exclamation vAT
वषट्कार m. vaSaTkAra exclamation vaSaT
साधुकार n. sAdhukAra exclamation sAdhu
हुंहुङ्कार m. huMhuGkAra exclamation huM-hum
धक् dhak exclamation of wrath
क्ष्रौम् ind. kSraum a mystic exclamation
आगुर् f. Agur approving exclamation [used by the priests at sacrificial rites]
अख्खल ind. akhkhala an exclamation of joy
हुलुहुलु ind. huluhulu an exclamation of joy
हावु ind. hAvu an exclamation of joy
अब्रह्मण्य n. abrahmaNya used as an exclamation
नृम्णायि nRmNAyi sacrificial exclamation
खुम् ind. khum particle of exclamation
कट् ind. kaT particle of exclamation
स्वगा ind. svagA sacrificial exclamation
हु adverb hu an exclamation in huM hu
किक्किटा ind. kikkiTA a particular exclamation
खट् adverb khaT a particle of exclamation
स्तुभ् f. stubh joyful exclamation or cry
वौषट् ind. vauSaT an exclamation or formula
स्तौभ adj. staubha making joyful exclamations
हू adverb hU an exclamation of contempt
भुक् ind. bhuk an exclamation of surprise
उपरिष्टात्स्वाहाकृति adj. upariSTAtsvAhAkRti followed by the exclamation
उपरिष्टात्स्वाहाकार adj. upariSTAtsvAhAkAra followed by the exclamation
ईङ्कार m. IGkAra uttering the exclamation Im
स्वगाकरोति verb svagAkaroti { svagAkR } utter the exclamation svagA
स्वगाकृति m. svagAkRti use of the exclamation svagA
निराहववत् adj. nirAhavavat accompanied by an exclamation
अवषट्कार adj. avaSaTkAra without the exclamation vaSat
रुचित n. rucita exclamation used at a zraddha
स्वगाकर्तृ adj. svagAkartR uttering the exclamation svagA
हूम् ind. hUm an exclamation or interjection
अनुवषट्कार m. anuvaSaTkAra secondary exclamation of vaSaT
अनुवषट्कारवषट्कृत n. anuvaSaTkAravaSaTkRta secondary exclamation of vaSaT
हा adverb hA an exclamation expressive of pain
पुरस्तात्स्वाहाकृति f. purastAtsvAhAkRti preceded by the exclamation svAhA
जनत् ind. janat an exclamation used in ceremonies
कष्टम् ind. kaSTam an exclamation of grief or sorrow
पुरस्तात्स्वाहाकार m. purastAtsvAhAkAra preceded by the exclamation svAhA
स्तोभति verb stobhati { stubh } make a succession of exclamations
स्तोभयति verb caus. stobhayati { stubh } praise in successive exclamations
वेट् ind. veT an exclamation used in sacrificial
आगुरण n. AguraNa pronouncing approving exclamations [See Agur]
ओवा f. ovA particular exclamation at sacrifices
हन्त ind. hanta an exclamation or inceptive particle
अविद ind. avida an exclamation of surprise and grief
हीष् ind. hIS an exclamation introduced in chanting
सस्वाहाकार adj. sasvAhAkAra accompanied with the exclamation svAhA
अहिङ्कार adj. ahiGkAra not accompanied by the exclamation hiG
अहिङ्कृति adj. ahiGkRti not accompanied by the exclamation hiG
सानुवषट्कार adj. sAnuvaSaTkAra accompanied with the exclamation vaSaT
हायि ind. hAyi an exclamation used in chanting a sAman
प्रथमवषट्कार m. prathamavaSaTkAra making the first exclamation vaSaT over
सहासहाकारम् ind. sahAsahAkAram laughing and uttering the exclamation hA
हलहला ind. halahalA an exclamation of applause or approbation
स्तोभित adj. stobhita praised in successive exclamations or shouts
हस् adverb has an exclamation of laughter or loud merriment
अनागूर्तिन् adj. anAgUrtin one who has shown approval through exclamations [during sacrifice]
अस्वाहाकृत adj. asvAhAkRta not dedicated to the gods by the exclamation svAhA
शोम् ind. zom an exclamation interposed in reciting sacred texts
हुम्फडन्त m. humphaDanta mystical texts ending in the exclamations hum and phaT
स्वगाकृत adj. svagAkRta one over whom the exclamation svagA has been pronounced
हम् ind. ham an exclamation expressive of anger or courtesy or respect
भो ind. bho exclamation used in calling or directly addressing a person
स्वधाकार m. svadhAkAra pronouncing the benediction svadhA or the exclamation itself
वट् adverb vaT an interjection or exclamation used in sacrificial ceremonies
श्रौषट् ind. zrauSaT an exclamation used in making an offering with fire to the gods or departed spirits
स्वधा adverb svadhA exclamation or benediction used on during the oblation or libation to the gods or departed ancestors
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