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व्यावृत्त adj. vyAvRtta excluded
प्रतिबद्ध adj. pratibaddha excluded
अन्तरित adj. antarita excluded
अवधूत adj. avadhUta excluded
वर्जित adj. varjita excluded
उपसंहृत adj. upasaMhRta excluded
वृक्त ppp. vRkta excluded
हीन ppp. hIna excluded
पर्युदस्त adj. paryudasta excluded on
व्यर्थ adj. vyartha excluded from
अभागिन् adj. abhAgin excluded from
विप्रहीण adj. viprahINa excluded from
विरुद्ध adj. viruddha excluded from
व्यवच्छेद्य adj. vyavacchedya to be excluded
सुनिर्भक्त adj. sunirbhakta quite excluded from
लोकबाह्य adj. lokabAhya excluded from society
लक्ष्मीबहिष्कृत adj. lakSmIbahiSkRta excluded from fortune
लोकबाह्य adj. lokabAhya excluded from the world
पर्युदसितव्य adj. paryudasitavya to be excluded or denied
वियोगबाह्य adj. viyogabAhya excluded from separation
बहिष्कृत adj. bahiSkRta expelled or excluded from
बहिर्भूत adj. bahirbhUta expelled or excluded from
हीन adj. hIna excluded or shut out from
निःसार्य adj. niHsArya to be expelled or excluded
बहिष्क्रिय adj. bahiSkriya excluded from sacred rites
व्यृध्यते verb pass. vyRdhyate { vyRdh } be excluded or deprived of
परिहीयते verb pass. parihIyate { parihA } desist or be excluded from
निर्भक्त adj. nirbhakta excluded from participation
हीयते verb pass. hIyate { hA } be excluded from or bereft of
हीयते verb pass. hIyate { hA } be excluded from or bereft of
बहिष्कार्य adj. bahiSkArya to be removed or excluded from
वर्णापसद m. varNApasada one who is excluded from caste
अपरोध्य adj. aparodhya to be expelled or excluded from
बाध m. bAdha being excluded by superior proof
व्यावृत्तत्व n. vyAvRttatva being separated or excluded from
वीन्द्र adj. vIndra that from which indra is excluded
अनुष्ट्र adj. anuSTra that from which camels are excluded
अवसभा f. avasabhA excluded from a (husband's) company
बाह्य adj. bAhya excluded from caste or the community
विवर्जित adj. vivarjita that from which anything is excluded
वर्जनीय adj. varjanIya to be excluded or shunned or avoided
व्यावर्त्य adj. vyAvartya to be removed or excluded or excepted
अपेहिप्रघसा f. apehipraghasA ceremony from which gluttons are excluded
अपेहिवाणिजा f. apehivANijA ceremony from which merchants are excluded
निर्भाज्य adj. nirbhAjya to be excluded from participation or sharing in
वर्ज्य adj. varjya to be excluded or shunned or avoided or given up
लुप्तधर्मक्रिय adj. luptadharmakriya excluded from or deprived of religious ordinances
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