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एकक adj. ekaka exclusive
ऐकान्तिक adj. aikAntika exclusive
एकान्ते adv + loc. ekAnte exclusively
अमिश्र adj. amizra exclusive
केवल adj. kevala exclusive
उपसंहारिन् adj. upasaMhArin exclusive
एकान्तात् ind. ekAntAt exclusively
एकान्तेन ind. ekAntena exclusively
एकान्ततस् ind. ekAntatas exclusively
एकान्तम् ind. ekAntam exclusively
वर्जक adj. varjaka exclusive of
परस् ind. paras exclusive of
एकान्त m. ekAnta exclusiveness
ऐकान्त्य n. aikAntya exclusiveness
व्यतिरेकिलिङ्ग n. vyatirekiliGga exclusive mark
एकान्तता f. ekAntatA exclusive worship
व्यतिरेकिन्-लिङ्ग m. vyatirekin-liGga an exclusive mark [logic]
एकान्तत्व n. ekAntatva exclusive worship
निष्केवल adj. niSkevala belonging exclusively
केवल adj. kevala exclusively one's own
परिख्यात adj. parikhyAta specified exclusively
विना ind. vinA short or exclusive of
जातैकभक्ति adj. jAtaikabhakti devoted exclusively to
अनन्यविषय adj. ananyaviSaya exclusively applicable
वर्ज्य adj. varjya exclusive of or without
परिख्यान n. parikhyAna exclusive specification
दीक्षा f. dIkSA exclusive occupation with
मूलव्रतिन् adj. mUlavratin living exclusively on roots
व्योमैकान्तविहारिन् adj. vyomaikAntavihArin moving exclusively in the air
निःसपत्न adj. niHsapatna belonging exclusively to one possessor
परिख्या f. parikhyA special mention or exclusive specification
वीन्द्वर्क adj. vIndvarka without or exclusive of the moon and the sun
यौतक adj. yautaka rightfully or exclusively belonging to any one
बाह्यप्रकृति f. bAhyaprakRti constituents of a foreign state exclusive of the king
ताराग्रह m. tArAgraha one of the 5 lesser planets exclusive of the sun and moon
क्रियाद्वेषिन् m. kriyAdveSin one who is averse to judicial investigation performed exclusively by witness testimony
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