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व्यायाम m. vyAyAma exercise
अभ्यासपुस्तक n. abhyAsapustaka exercise book
अस्त्रशिक्षा f. astrazikSA military exercise
नटखेला f. naTakhelA gymnastic exercises
दाक्ष n. dAkSa gymnastic exercises
व्यायामं करोति verb vyAyAmaM karoti { kR } do physical exercise
परिक्रिया f. parikriyA exercise
अभ्यास m. abhyAsa exercise
योग्य m. yogya exercise
समभ्यास m. samabhyAsa exercise
श्रम m. zrama exercise
अभ्यसन n. abhyasana exercise
यापन n. yApana exercise
आचरति verb Acarati { Acar } exercise
समभ्यस्यति verb samabhyasyati { samabhyas } exercise
अभ्यस्यति verb abhyasyati { abhyas } exercise
परिचीयते verb paricIyate { parici } exercise
शीलयति verb caus. zIlayati { zIl } exercise
उद्यत adj. udyata exercised
शीलित adj. zIlita exercised
अभ्यस्त adj. abhyasta exercised
क्षुण्ण adj. kSuNNa exercised
आचरित adj. Acarita exercised
कृताभ्यास adj. kRtAbhyAsa exercised
आचरित ppp. Acarita exercised
धनुर्योग्या f. dhanuryogyA bow-exercise
धनुर्योग्या f. dhanuryogyA bow-exercise
बाहुव्यायाम m. bAhuvyAyAma arm-exercise
बाहुव्यायाम m. bAhuvyAyAma arm-exercise
व्यायामयति verb caus. vyAyAmayati { vyAyam } take exercise
इन्द्रियभावना f. indriyabhAvanA mental exercise
योग्य m. yogya bodily exercise
लासयति verb lAsayati { las } exercise an art
लाशयति verb lAzayati { laz } exercise an art
लषति verb 1 Par laSati { laS } exercise an art
लाषयति verb Caus. lASayati { laS } exercise an art
व्यायाम-शील adj. vyAyAma-zIla fond of exercise
ग्राह्या f. grAhyA archery exercise
कृतशस्त्रनिःश्रम adj. kRtazastraniHzrama exercised in arms
खुरली f. khuralI military exercise
व्यायाम m. vyAyAma athletic exercise
शस्त्राभ्यास m. zastrAbhyAsa military exercise
प्रचार m. pracAra place of exercise
श्रम m. zrama military exercise
व्यायाम m. vyAyAma gymnastic exercise
उपवर्तन n. upavartana place for exercise
उपासन n. upAsana exercise in archery
सम्प्रशास्ति verb samprazAsti { samprazAs } exercise government
व्यायायामिक adj. vyAyAyAmika relating to exercise
क्रिया f. kriyA exercise of the limbs
इन्द्रियबुद्धि f. indriyabuddhi exercise of any sense
व्यायाम-शील adj. vyAyAma-zIla accustomed to exercise
व्यायामवत् adj. vyAyAmavat taking bodily exercise
राज्यपरिक्रिया f. rAjyaparikriyA exercise of government
धातुपाठ m. dhAtupATha recital of verb roots [i.e., type of grammatical exercise]
व्यायाम m. vyAyAma exercise or practise in
अव्यायाम m. avyAyAma want of bodily exercise
वैनयिक adj. vainayika used in military exercises
व्यायाम m. vyAyAma right exercise or training
श्रमस्थान n. zramasthAna place for work or exercise
खलूरिका f. khalUrikA place for military exercise
खुरली f. khuralI place for military exercise
असिचर्या f. asicaryA exercise or practice of arms
निरन्तराभ्यास m. nirantarAbhyAsa diligent exercise or practice
सन्ध्यात्व n. sandhyAtva time for devotional exercises
जितहस्त adj. jitahasta one who has exercised his hand
प्राणायामशस् ind. prANAyAmazas with frequent breath-exercises
प्राणायामशस् ind. prANAyAmazas with frequent breath-exercises
व्यायाम m. vyAyAma athletic or gymnastic exercise
अभ्यास m. abhyAsa repeated or permanent exercise
कृतहस्त adj. kRtahasta one who has exercised his hands
साम्राज्यकृत् adj. sAmrAjyakRt one who exercises imperial sway
निर्वपते verb nirvapate { nirvap } practise or exercise agriculture
निर्वपति verb nirvapati { nirvap } practise or exercise agriculture
व्यायामशील adj. vyAyAmazIla accustomed to or fond of exercise
व्यायाम-कर्शित adj. vyAyAma-karzita emaciated through bodily exercise
व्यायामकर्शित adj. vyAyAmakarzita emaciated through bodily exercise
वैनयिक adj. vainayika chariot used in military exercises
अनव्रत adj. anavrata not destitute of ascetic exercises
प्रतिमाला f. pratimAlA exercise analogous to capping verses
ज्ञप्ति f. jJapti exercise of the intellectual faculty
विहरण n. viharaNa going about for pleasure or exercise
शिक्षित adj. zikSita instructed or trained or exercised in
कलाकेलि adj. kalAkeli one who exercises an art for pleasure
योग्यारथ m. yogyAratha carriage employed in military exercises
मातृपितृकृताभ्यास adj. mAtRpitRkRtAbhyAsa trained or exercised by father and mother
चिकीर्षु adj. cikIrSu wishing to exercise one's self in the use of
घट m. ghaTa suspending the breath as a religious exercise
आलम्बनवत् adj. Alambanavat devoted to the mental exercise called Alambana
नीलकृत्स्न n. nIlakRtsna one of the 10 mystical exercises called kRtsna
पृथिवीकृत्स्न n. pRthivIkRtsna one of the 10 mystical exercises called kRtsna
वायुकृत्स्न n. vAyukRtsna one of the ten mystical exercises called kRtsna
विज्ञानकृत्स्न n. vijJAnakRtsna one of the 10 mystical exercises called kRtsnas
कुम्भ m. kumbha closing the nostrils and mouth so as to suspend breathing [religious exercise]
सालम्बन adj. sAlambana belonging to or connected with a particular mental exercise
कृतास्त्र adj. kRtAstra one who has exercised himself in throwing arrows or other weapons
आलम्बन n. Alambana mental exercise practised by the yogin in endeavouring to realize the gross form of the Eternal
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