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परीक्षायात्रा f. parIkSAyAtrA expedition
यात्रा f. yAtrA expedition
यात्रिक n. yAtrika expedition
यामन् n. yAman expedition
दण्डयात्रा f. daNDayAtrA military expedition
यात्राफल n. yAtrAphala fruit of an expedition
अयामन् n. ayAman no march or expedition
मातृगुप्ताभिषेणन n. mAtRguptAbhiSeNana expedition against mAtRs
यात्रागमन n. yAtrAgamana going on a journey or expedition
माल्लवी f. mAllavI procession or expedition of wrestlers
पूर्वद्वारिक adj. pUrvadvArika favourable to an expedition towards the east
पश्चाद्द्वारिक adj. pazcAddvArika favourable to a warlike expedition in the west
उत्थान n. utthAna leaving off : starting on a warlike expedition
दक्षिणद्वारिक adj. dakSiNadvArika propitious to a military expedition to the south
सर्वद्वारिक adj. sarvadvArika favourable to a warlike expedition towards all regions
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