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व्यय m. vyaya expenditure
प्रभृत व्यय m. prabhRta vyaya charged expenditure
प्रभार-व्यय m. prabhAra-vyaya charged expenditure
आस्थगित व्यय m. Asthagita vyaya deferred expenditure
आस्थगित आगम-व्यय m. Asthagita Agama-vyaya deferred revenue expenditure
किमर्थं वृथा व्ययः इति? sent. kimarthaM vRthA vyayaH iti? Why this unnecessary expenditure?
अर्थव्यय m. arthavyaya expenditure
अतिव्यय m. ativyaya lavish expenditure
अर्थव्ययसाह adj. arthavyayasAha allowing expenditure
अर्थोत्सर्ग m. arthotsarga expenditure of money
भोजनव्यय m. bhojanavyaya expenditure for food
आयव्यय n. Ayavyaya income and expenditure
व्ययपराङ्मुख adj. vyayaparAGmukha averse from expenditure
स्वल्पव्यय m. svalpavyaya very little expenditure
वाग्व्यय m. vAgvyaya expenditure of words or speech
धर्मवहिका f. dharmavahikA accountbook of charitable expenditure
निराय m. nirAya having neither income nor expenditure
निरायव्ययवत् m. nirAyavyayavat having neither income nor expenditure
पञ्जिका f. paJjikA book in which receipts and expenditure are entered
भोगिन् m. bhogin person who accumulates money for a particular expenditure
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