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स्पष्टतः तथा सुतथ्यतः व्यक्त phrase spaSTataH tathA sutathyataH vyakta clearly and precisely expressed
निरुक्त adj. nirukta expressed
अभ्युदित adj. abhyudita expressed
अभिषुत adj. abhiSuta expressed
निगीर्ण adj. nigIrNa not expressed
अभिधेय adj. abhidheya being expressed
लक्ष्य adj. lakSya to be expressed
अभिषवणीय adj. abhiSavaNIya to be expressed
अभिधेय adj. abhidheya to be expressed
अधि ind. adhi expresses above
वाचक adj. vAcaka expressed by words
समासोक्त adj. samAsokta concisely expressed
लक्षणीय adj. lakSaNIya anything so expressed
अद्रिसंहत adj. adrisaMhata expressed with stones
शाब्द adj. zAbda expressed in words oral
उत्प्रेक्ष्य adj. utprekSya to expressed by a simile
अवाच्य adj. avAcya not distinctly expressed
पिण्डक m. piNDaka sine expressed in numbers
पिण्ड m. piNDa sine expressed in numbers
अनेकशब्द adj. anekazabda expressed by several words
आङ्गिक adj. AGgika expressed by bodily action
मानस adj. mAnasa expressed only in the mind
वाच्यार्थ m. vAcyArtha directly expressed meaning
लक्ष्यत्व n. lakSyatva being indirectly expressed
वाक्प्रचोदन n. vAkpracodana command expressed in words
व्यज्यते verb pass. vyajyate { vyaJj } be manifested or expressed
आङ्गिक adj. AGgika expressed by bodily gesture
उत्प्रेक्षणीय adj. utprekSaNIya to he expressed by a simile
आङ्गिक adj. AGgika expressed by bodily actions
आङ्गिक adj. AGgika expressed by bodily attitude
द्योत्य adj. dyotya to be expressed or explained
लक्ष्यार्थ m. lakSyArtha indirectly expressed meaning
यथोपमा f. yathopamA comparison expressed by yathA
वाच्यायते verb vAcyAyate { vAcyAya } appear as if really expressed
लक्षित adj. lakSita vaguely indicated or expressed
अवाच्यत्व n. avAcyatva not being distinctly expressed
लक्ष्य adj. lakSya indirectly denoted or expressed
सम्प्रदान n. sampradAna idea expressed by the dative case
उक्तभाव adj. uktabhAva having the sense already expressed
अविवक्षितत्व n. avivakSitatva not being intended to be expressed
मनोरथ m. manoratha wish expressed in an indirect manner
वेदनीय adj. vedanIya to be denoted or expressed or meant by
अविवक्षित adj. avivakSita not intended to be stated or expressed
अभिधेय n. abhidheya that which is expressed or referred to
श्रौत adj. zrauta expressed in words or in plain language
प्रतिषेधोमा f. pratiSedhomA comparison expressed in a negative form
उपलक्षणता f. upalakSaNatA being implied or expressed elliptically
करण n. karaNa idea expressed by the instrumental case
उपलक्षणत्व n. upalakSaNatva being implied or expressed elliptically
उपलक्षित adj. upalakSita expressed by implication or elliptically
अनुज्ञाक्षेप m. anujJAkSepa objection expressed by a feigned consent
नारायण n. nArAyaNa medic. oil expressed from various plants
संशयोपमा f. saMzayopamA comparison expressed in the form of a doubt
लक्षणीय adj. lakSaNIya to be expressed figuratively or elliptically
यथावचनम् ind. yathAvacanam according to the statement or word expressed
आशीर्वादाभिधानवत् adj. AzIrvAdAbhidhAnavat containing a word which expresses benediction
लक्षितत्व n. lakSitatva state of being marked or expressed indirectly
अर्धसमस्या f. ardhasamasyA supplying an idea which is only half expressed
काष्ठम् ind. kASTham with a verb expresses excellence or superiority
समाकर्णितक n. samAkarNitaka any gesture which expresses the act of listening
लक्ष्य adj. lakSya to be indicated , indirectly denoted or expressed
आङ्गिक adj. AGgika expressed by bodily action or attitude or gesture
वाच्य adj. vAcya to be expressed or designated or meant expressly by
पर्यस्तवत् adj. paryastavat containing the notion expressed by the word paryasta
एव indecl. eva indeed (strengthening the idea expressed by any word)
आतिशायनिक m. AtizAyanika affix that expresses gradation in an ascending series
उपलक्षण n. upalakSaNa act of implying something that has not been expressed
उच्चघन n. uccaghana laughter in the mind not expressed in the countenance
वाच्यत्व n. vAcyatva being expressed or expressly meant by or by means of on
न्यायम् ind. nyAyam after a finite verb expresses either censure or repetition
अभवन्मतयोग m. abhavanmatayoga want of fitness between words and the ideas expressed by them
अभवन्मतसम्बन्ध m. abhavanmatasambandha want of fitness between words and the ideas expressed by them
व्याजस्तुति f. vyAjastuti praise or censure conveyed in language that expresses the contrary
धीराधीरा f. dhIrAdhIrA jealous woman who alternately expresses and suppresses her jealousy
श्लिष्टाक्षेप m. zliSTAkSepa objection expressed through using words containing a double meaning
अनित्यसमास m. anityasamAsa sense of which may be equally expressed by resolving it into its constituent parts
समोपमा f. samopamA comparison expressed by sama in composition with the substantive to which an object is likened