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सुत adj. suta extracted
उत्कृष्ट adj. utkRSTa extracted
दुग्ध adj. dugdha extracted
निष्कृष्ट adj. niSkRSTa extracted
निर्दुग्ध adj. nirdugdha extracted
दुघ्द adj. dughda extracted
उद्धृत adj. uddhRta extracted
निर्हृत adj. nirhRta extracted
निष्कुषित adj. niSkuSita extracted
पर्युद्भृत adj. paryudbhRta extracted from
उद्धरणीय adj. uddharaNIya to be extracted
निष्कृष्यमाण adj. niSkRSyamANa being extracted
साराम्भस् n. sArAmbhas extracted juice
उद्धृतस्नेह adj. uddhRtasneha having the oil extracted
पर्याभृत adj. paryAbhRta fetched or extracted from
सूयते verb pass. sUyate { su } be extracted or distilled
दुश्छिन्न adj. duzchinna badly cut out or extracted
आहार्य adj. AhArya to be extracted or removed
सोत्व adj. sotva to be pressed or extracted
दुह्यते verb pass. duhyate { duh } be drawn or extracted from
निष्कोषितव्य adj. niSkoSitavya to be forced out or extracted
निर्हृत्य ind. nirhRtya having taken out or extracted
सुतसोम adj. sutasoma one who has extracted the soma
मथ्य adj. mathya to be extracted or produced from
हिङ्गुनिर्यास m. hiGguniryAsa fluid extracted from Asa Foetida [Ferula Asa Foetida - Bot.]
अद्रिदुग्ध adj. adridugdha not pressed out or extracted with stones
सुतासुतिन् adj. sutAsutin having what is and what is not extracted
सुतासुत n. sutAsuta what is extracted and what is not extracted
सुतासुत n. sutAsuta what is extracted and what is not extracted
दार्वी f. dArvI kind of lotion or wash for eyes extracted from it
रोमक n. romaka kind of saline earth and the salt extracted from it
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