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व्यवस्थितवस्थिति f. vyavasthitavasthiti extracting
निष्कोष m. niSkoSa extracting
निष्कर्ष m. niSkarSa extracting
आहरण n. AharaNa extracting
निर्हरण n. nirharaNa extracting
निष्कर्षण n. niSkarSaNa extracting
सुत् adj. sut extracting juice
कण्टकोद्धरण n. kaNTakoddharaNa extracting thorns
सुति f. suti extracting or pouring out
कण्टकोद्धरण n. kaNTakoddharaNa weeding or extracting thorns
शल्याहरणविधि m. zalyAharaNavidhi method of extracting splinters
सोमाभिषव m. somAbhiSava distilling or extracting of soma-juice
विशेषभावना f. vizeSabhAvanA particular operation in extracting roots
गर्भशङ्कु m. garbhazaGku instrument for extracting the dead foetus
अधिषवण adj. adhiSavaNa used for extracting and straining the soma juice
अधिषवण n. adhiSavaNa hand-press for extracting and straining the soma juice
आहार्य n. AhArya any disease to be treated by the operation of extracting
पाचन n. pAcana extracting extraneous substances from a wound by means of cataplasms
अधिषवण्य m. adhiSavaNya two parts of the hand-press for extracting and straining the soma juice
सारग्राहिन् adj. sAragrAhin capable of extracting or apprehending the essence or best part of anything
क्षारागद m. kSArAgada antidote prepared by extracting the alkaline particles from the ashes of plants
सम m. sama kind of straight line placed over a numerical figure to mark the process of extracting the square root
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