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निष्कर्षण n. niSkarSaNa extraction [computer]
उद्धृति f. uddhRti extraction
प्रकृति f. prakRti extraction
उद्धार m. uddhAra extraction
अभ्यवकर्षण n. abhyavakarSaNa extraction
आहार्य n. AhArya extraction
सङ्कर्षण n. saGkarSaNa extraction
समुद्धार m. samuddhAra extraction from
सोतु m. sotu extraction of soma
सुत्य n. sutya day of soma extraction
पामर m. pAmara man of lowest extraction
सूय n. sUya extraction of the soma-juice
मूलीकरण n. mUlIkaraNa extraction of the square-root
शल्योद्धृति f. zalyoddhRti extraction of arrows and thorns
शल्यस्रंसन n. zalyasraMsana extraction or removal of a thorn
साविक adj. sAvika relating to the extraction of soma
शल्यापनयनीय adj. zalyApanayanIya treating of the extraction of thorns
शल्यक्रिया f. zalyakriyA extraction of thorns or other extraneous substances lodged in the body
शल्यवारङ्ग n. zalyavAraGga part by which an arrow or other foreign substance lodged in the body is laid hold of during the operation of extraction
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