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कोटि f. koTi extremity
सीमान्तलेखा f. sImAntalekhA extremity
पारमि f. pArami extremity
पर्यन्त m. paryanta extremity
प्रान्त m.n. prAnta extremity
शृङ्ग n. zRGga extremity
मुखाग्र n. mukhAgra any extremity
अपरान्त m. aparAnta western extremity
प्रपक्ष m. prapakSa extremity of a wing
प्रशाख f. prazAkha extremity of the body
पादान्त m. pAdAnta extremity of the feet
अर्णवान्त m. arNavAnta extremity of the ocean
अटनी f. aTanI notched extremity of a bow
मुखाग्र n. mukhAgra extremity of a nose or snout
पादाग्र n. pAdAgra point or extremity of the foot
प्रपक्ष adj. prapakSa forming the extremity of a wing
पुष्करोद्धृत adj. puSkaroddhRta raised with the extremity of the trunk
पुष्कराग्र n. puSkarAgra tip or extremity of an elephant's trunk
किसलय n. kisalaya extremity of a branch bearing new leaves
पार्ष्णि f. pArSNi extremity of the fore-axle to which the outside horses of a four-horse chariot are attached
पार्श्व n. pArzva extremity of the fore-axle nearest the wheel to which the outside horses of a four-horse chariot are attached
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