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विषय विभाग m. viSaya vibhAga faculty
शक्ति f. zakti faculty
ईशा f. IzA faculty
शक्ति f. zakti faculty
शक्तिता f. zaktitA faculty
चक्षुष्मत्ता f. cakSuSmattA faculty of sight
इन्द्रिय n. indriya faculty of sense
अन्तःकरण n. antaHkaraNa thinking faculty
जाठर adj. jAThara digestive faculty
इन्द्रियवृत्ति f. indriyavRtti sensitive faculty
दृष्टि f. dRSTi faculty of seeing
लोक m. loka faculty of seeing
कोष्ठाग्नि m. koSThAgni digestive faculty
आत्मज m. Atmaja reasoning faculty
अग्नि m. agni digestive faculty
उदराग्नि m. udarAgni digestive faculty
संस्कार m. saMskAra faculty of memory
चक्षुस् n. cakSus faculty of seeing
अपोहन n. apohana reasoning faculty
प्रव्याहरण n. pravyAharaNa faculty of speech
द्रष्ट्रित्व n. draSTritva faculty of seeing
श्रद्धेन्द्रिय adj. zraddhendriya faculty of believing
इन्द्रियबुद्धि f. indriyabuddhi faculty of any organ
ज्ञशक्ति f. jJazakti intellectual faculty
ज्ञानशक्ति f. jJAnazakti intellectual faculty
बुद्धिशक्ति f. buddhizakti intellectual faculty
बुद्धि f. buddhi intellectual faculty
निष्क्रम m. niSkrama intellectual faculty
ज्ञात्र n. jJAtra intellectual faculty
इन्द्रियज्ञान n. indriyajJAna faculty of perception
उपस्थिति f. upasthiti faculty of remembering
विवेकज्ञान n. vivekajJAna faculty of discrimination
सामन् n. sAman faculty of uttering sounds
रतिशक्ति f. ratizakti faculty of sexual enjoyment
चितिमत् adj. citimat having the faculty of thought
जीर्णशक्ति f. jIrNazakti faculty of digesting anything
क्षतसर्पण n. kSatasarpaNa loss of the faculty of moving
विलोकयति verb caus. vilokayati { vilok } possess the faculty of seeing
धीशक्ति f. dhIzakti mental or intellectual faculty
प्रत्यक्षप्रमाण n. pratyakSapramANa organ or faculty of perception
चक्षुश्चित् adj. cakSuzcit collecting the faculty of sight
ज्ञानशक्तिमत् adj. jJAnazaktimat possessing intellectual faculty
विज्ञान n. vijJAna consciousness or thought-faculty
विज्ञान n. vijJAna consciousness or thought-faculty
चक्षुष्मत् adj. cakSuSmat endowed with the faculty of sight
अरस adj. arasa not having the faculty of tasting
चक्षुष्काम adj. cakSuSkAma wishing for the faculty of seeing
बुद्धितत्त्व n. buddhitattva intellectual faculty or principle
दृष्टिकृत् n. dRSTikRt suitable to the faculty of seeing
मन्दत्व n. mandatva weakness of the digestive faculty
दृष्टिकृत n. dRSTikRta suitable to the faculty of seeing
स्तम्भन n. stambhana particular magical art or faculty
शक्तिकुण्ठन n. zaktikuNThana deadening or blunting of a faculty
उपलब्धिमत्त्व n. upalabdhimattva condition or faculty of perceiving
अपेक्षाबुद्धि f. apekSAbuddhi faculty of arranging and methodizing
ज्ञप्ति f. jJapti exercise of the intellectual faculty
भेदविधि m. bhedavidhi faculty of discriminating or discerning
अभिविमान adj. abhivimAna endowed with the faculty called abhimAna
प्रकृतिस्थदर्शन adj. prakRtisthadarzana one who has recovered the faculty of sight
सिद्धि f. siddhi any unusual skill or faculty or capability
विप्रनष्टविशेषक adj. vipranaSTavizeSaka one who has lost his discriminative faculty
विज्ञान n. vijJAna faculty of discernment or of right judgement
अस्पर्श adj. asparza not having the faculty of perception by touch
व्याकरणात्मक adj. vyAkaraNAtmaka having the nature or faculty of discrimination
विवेकभ्रष्ट adj. vivekabhraSTa one who has lost the faculty of discrimination
अवबोध m. avabodha faculty of being resolute in judgement or action
सर्वत्रगामिनीप्रतिपत्तिज्ञानबल n. sarvatragAminIpratipattijJAnabala faculty of knowing the means of going everywhere
वैखरी f. vaikharI faculty of speech or the divinity presiding over it
मधुमती f. madhumatI particular supernatural faculty belonging to a yogin
मतिदर्शन n. matidarzana act or faculty of seeing into the thoughts or intentions
भोक्तृशक्ति f. bhoktRzakti faculty of the soul as the enjoyer and possessor of nature
श्रावक m. zrAvaka that faculty of the voice which makes a sound audible to a distance
तेजस् n. tejas heating and strengthening faculty of the human frame seated in the bile
लघिमन् m. laghiman kind of siddhi or supernatural faculty of assuming excessive lightness at will
विवेक m. viveka faculty of distinguishing and classifying things according to their real properties
सिद्धि f. siddhi acquisition of supernatural powers by magical means or the supposed faculty so acquired
विश्व m. vizva intellectual faculty or the faculty which perceives individuality or the individual underlying the gross body
विश्व m. vizva intellectual faculty or the faculty which perceives individuality or the individual underlying the gross body
अवधिज्ञान n. avadhijJAna perception extending as far as the furthest limits of the world i.e. the faculty of perceiving even what is not within the reach
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