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पितुः indecl. pituH of father [father's]
पितृव्य m. pitRvya father's brother
पितुःपुत्र m. pituHputra father's son
पितृभोजन n. pitRbhojana father's food
पितृलोक m. pitRloka father's house
पितृवेश्मन् n. pitRvezman father's house
पितुःष्वसृ pituHSvasR father's sister
पितृप्रसू f. pitRprasU father's mother
पितृष्वसृ f. pitRSvasR father's sister
पितृपितृ m. pitRpitR father's father
पितृव्य m. pitRvya father's brother
पितृभ्रातृ m. pitRbhrAtR father's brother
क्षुद्रतात m. kSudratAta father's brother
क्षुल्लतातक m. kSullatAtaka father's brother
पितृद्रव्य n. pitRdravya father's substance
पित्रर्थम् ind. pitrartham for a father's sake
पितृष्वस्रीय m. pitRSvasrIya father's sister's son
याप्य m. yApya father's elder brother
पितृव्यपुत्र m. pitRvyaputra father's brother's son
ज्येष्ठतात m. jyeSThatAta father's elder brother
भ्रातृव्य m. bhrAtRvya father's brother's son
खुल्लतात m. khullatAta father's younger brother
पैतृष्वसेयी f. paitRSvaseyI father's sister's daughter
पितृनामन् adj. pitRnAman called after a father's name
पितृबन्धु m. pitRbandhu kinsman by the father's side
पितृपक्ष adj. pitRpakSa being on the father's side on
ज्यैष्ठिनेय m. jyaiSThineya son of the father's first wife
जीवत्पितृक adj. jIvatpitRka occurring during a father's life
जीवत्पितृक adj. jIvatpitRka occurring during a father's life
पितृव्यघातिन् m. pitRvyaghAtin murderer of his father's brother
पितृबन्धु n. pitRbandhu relationship by the father's side
आत्मबन्धु m. Atmabandhu first cousin or father's sister's son
वधुटी f. vadhuTI young woman living in her father's house
विकर्तन m. vikartana son who has usurped his father's kingdom
वोढु m. voDhu son of a woman living in her father's house
पैतृष्वसेय adj. paitRSvaseya sprung from a father's sister or paternal aunt
उत्कलापयति verb utkalApayati { utkalApaya } to bring one's wife home from her father's house
सुवासिनी f. suvAsinI woman married or single who resides in her father's house
रजःसुवासिनी f. rajaHsuvAsinI girl that has menstruated but still lives in her father's house
चरटी f. caraTI woman married or single who after maturity resides in her father's house
अध्यावाहनिक n. adhyAvAhanika she receives when led in procession from her father's to her husband's house
स्ववासिनी f. svavAsinI woman whether married or unmarried who continues to dwell after maturity in her father's house
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