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पुरीष n. purISa feces
विट्क viTka feces
विष्ठा f. viSThA feces
विषा f. viSA feces
विष् f. viS feces
विष्ठा f. viSThA feces
विष्टा f. viSTA feces
विष् f. viS feces
मल m mala feces [any bodily excretion]
गूथ m. gUtha feces
पुरीषण m. purISaNa feces
उच्चार m. uccAra feces
दूर्य n. dUrya feces
रुक्सद्मन् n. ruksadman feces
शमल n. zamala feces
वर्चस् n. varcas feces
शारीर n. zArIra feces
कीट n. kITa feces
उत्सर्जन adj. utsarjana expelling [feces, etc.]
शकृन्मूत्र n. zakRnmUtra feces and urine
श्लेष्मपुरीष n. zleSmapurISa mucus and feces
विण्मूत्र n. viNmUtra feces and urine
उच्चारयति verb caus. uccArayati { uccar } discharge feces
शकृद्देश m. zakRddeza door of the feces
शकृद्द्वार n. zakRddvAra door of the feces
पुरीषभेदिन् adj. purISabhedin loosening the feces
मलविसर्ग m. malavisarga evacuation of feces
मलविसर्जन n. malavisarjana evacuation of feces
गूढवर्चस् m. gUDhavarcas concealing its feces
वेग m. vega expulsion of the feces
शकृद्भेद m. zakRdbheda loosening of the feces
मलस्रुति f. malasruti evacuation of the feces
मलोत्सर्ग m. malotsarga evacuation of the feces
मलावरोध m. malAvarodha obstruction of the feces
वर्चोग्रह m. varcograha obstruction of the feces
पुरीषसङ्ग्रहणीय adj. purISasaGgrahaNIya making the feces more solid
मुष्टिवर्चस् n. muSTivarcas feces compacted into a ball
मलमूत्रपरित्याग m. malamUtraparityAga evacuation of feces and urine
बद्धविण्मूत्र adj. baddhaviNmUtra obstructing the feces and urine
प्रभिन्नविष् adj. prabhinnaviS secreting or relaxing the feces
पुरीषविरञ्जनीय adj. purISaviraJjanIya changing the colour of the feces
विष्टम्भ m. viSTambha obstruction of the urine or feces
विड्ग्रह m. viDgraha stoppage or obstruction of the feces
विट्सङ्ग m. viTsaGga coherence or obstruction of the feces
ग्राहिकावलि f. grAhikAvali one of the 3 folds which lead off the feces from the body
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