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समाहृत ppp. samAhRta fetched
उपकल्पित adj. upakalpita fetched
भृतक adj. bhRtaka fetched
आहृत adj. AhRta fetched
उपाकृत adj. upAkRta fetched
यथाहृतम् ind. yathAhRtam as fetched
आहृत्य adj. AhRtya to be fetched
अवतारित adj. avatArita fetched down from
पर्याभृत adj. paryAbhRta fetched or extracted from
पूर्वेद्युराहृत adj. pUrvedyurAhRta fetched on the day before
आहृत्य ind. AhRtya having fetched or brought
आहार्य adj. AhArya to be fetched or brought near
उपकल्पनीय adj. upakalpanIya to be prepared or procured or fetched
प्रणीताप्रणयन n. praNItApraNayana vessel in which holy water is fetched
उपस्थापयितव्य adj. upasthApayitavya to be brought near or fetched or procured
आनाययति verb caus. AnAyayati { AnI } cause to be brought or fetched or led near
प्रणीता f. praNItA water fetched on the morning of a festival for sacrificial uses
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