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मृणाल n. mRNAla fibrous root of lotus
अन्शुमत् adj. anzumat fibrous
अंशुमत् adj. aMzumat fibrous
शिखा f. zikhA fibrous root
जट m. jaTa fibrous root
तन्तुसार m. tantusAra having a fibrous pith
तन्तुकाष्ठ n. tantukASTha piece of fibrous wood
कर्कट m. karkaTa fibrous root of a plant
करहाट m. karahATa fibrous root of a lotus
तन्तुल n. tantula fibrous root of a lotus
तन्तुर n. tantura fibrous root of a lotus
शिफा f. ziphA fibrous or flexible root
कर्दट m. kardaTa fibrous root of the lotus
पङ्कशूरण m. paGkazUraNa fibrous eatable root of a lotus
गोपभद्र n. gopabhadra fibrous esculent root of a water-lily
ईषीका f. ISIkA painter's brush or a fibrous stick used as one
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