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पातिव्रत्य n. pAtivratya fidelity to husband
सतीता f. satItA wifely fidelity
सतीत्व n. satItva wifely fidelity
अव्यभिचार m. avyabhicAra conjugal fidelity
पातिव्रत्य n. pAtivratya conjugal fidelity
भर्तृव्रतात्व n. bhartRvratAtva fidelity to a husband
यथाश्रद्धम् ind. yathAzraddham in all faith or fidelity
पतिव्रतगुण m. pativrataguNa virtue of loyalty or fidelity
पतिव्रत n. pativrata loyalty or fidelity to a husband
उपक्रम m. upakrama trying the fidelity of a counsellor or friend
महासती f. mahAsatI any woman who is a pattern of conjugal fidelity
अग्निसाक्षिकमर्याद adj. agnisAkSikamaryAda one who taking god of fire for a witness gives a solemn promise of conjugal fidelity
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