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पञ्चदश num. paJcadaza fifteen
पञ्चदश adj. paJcadaza fifteenth
कुत्थ kuttha fifteenth yoga
ऋषभ m. RSabha fifteenth kalpa
अजातव्यवहार m. ajAtavyavahAra youth under fifteen
वृषभषोडशा f. vRSabhaSoDazA fifteen cows and a bull
अनुमति f. anumati fifteenth day of the moon's age
उपनिवेशिनी f. upanivezinI fifteenth day of the light half of jyeSTha
आश्रमपर्वन् n. Azramaparvan first section of the fifteenth book of the mahA-bhArata
कन्दर्पा f. kandarpA one of the divine women attending on the fifteenth arhat
सौम्य m. saumya fifteenth cubit from the bottom or the third from the top of the sacrificial post
स्वरुमोचन m. svarumocana third cubit from the bottom or the fifteenth from the top of the sacrificial post
क्षेत्रज्ञा f. kSetrajJA girl fifteen years old who personates the goddess durgA at a festival of this deity
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