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श्रावण m. zrAvaNa fifth month
अहं पञ्चम कक्ष्यायां पठामि sent. ahaM paJcama kakSyAyAM paThAmi I am in fifth grade
पञ्चम adj. paJcama fifth
पञ्चमः, -मी, - मम् adj. paJcamaH, -mI, - mam fifth
पञ्चमक adj. paJcamaka fifth
पञ्चमम् ind. paJcamam fifthly
पञ्चम n. paJcama fifth part
वर्गघनघात m. vargaghanaghAta fifth power
मन्त्र m. mantra fifth mansion
सुधाभवन n. sudhAbhavana fifth muhUrta
पञ्चमम् ind. paJcamam for the fifth time
कल्याणीपञ्चम adj. kalyANIpaJcama having the fifth lucky
प्रदिव् f. pradiv fifth of seven heavens
नक्ल n. nakla name of the fifth yoga
m. pa fifth note of the gamut
पाञ्चमाह्निक adj. pAJcamAhnika belonging to the fifth day
आत्मनापञ्चम adj. AtmanApaJcama being one's self the fifth
पञ्चमभागीय adj. paJcamabhAgIya belonging to the fifth part
पञ्चमी f. paJcamI fifth day of the half month
वामन m. vAmana fifth incarnation of Vishnu [among the ten]
गर n. gara fifth of the eleven karaNas
पाञ्चमिक adj. pAJcamika treated of in the fifth book
सुषमा f. suSamA and the fifth in an utsarpiNI
पञ्चमिन् adj. paJcamin being in the fifth of one's age
निर्मोह adj. nirmoha name of a son of the fifth manu
कल्याणीपञ्चमा f. kalyANIpaJcamA nights of which the fifth is lucky
इहपञ्चमी f. ihapaJcamI being here the second or fifth woman
श्रीपञ्चमी f. zrIpaJcamI fifth day of the light half of mAgha
वत्सर m. vatsara fifth year in a cycle of 5 or 6 years
कल्याणीपञ्चमीक adj. kalyANIpaJcamIka a fortnight having the fifth night lucky
उद्योगपर्वन् n. udyogaparvan section of the fifth book of the rAmAyaNa
निर्माणरतिदेव m. nirmANaratideva class of beings inhabiting the fifth heaven
सुमेधस् m. sumedhas particular class of gods under the fifth manu
अपादान n. apAdAna hence the sense of the fifth or ablative case
आत्मपञ्चम adj. AtmapaJcama being one\'s self the fifth one with four others
कल्याणपञ्चमीक adj. kalyANapaJcamIka any fortnight the fifth lunar day of which is lucky
ऋषिपञ्चमी f. RSipaJcamI fifth day in the light half of the month bhAdrapada
सायमधिवास m. sAyamadhivAsa decorating an image of durgA on the fifth day of the month Azvina
मुखबन्धन n. mukhabandhana fifth change which takes place in warm milk when mixed with takra
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