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बद्ध adj. baddha folded
द्विषंहित adj. dviSaMhita twice folded
द्विपुट adj. dvipuTa folded double
द्विगुण adj. dviguNa doubled i.e. folded
दलकपाट m. dalakapATa folded petal or leaf
पलाशपुट n. palAzapuTa receptacle made of folded leaf
मकर m. makara hands folded in the form of a makara
पश्चात्पादद्विगुण adj. pazcAtpAdadviguNa doubled or folded double by the hind-foot
पत्त्रपुट n. pattrapuTa kind of cup made of leaf folded or doubled
पत्त्रपुटिका f. pattrapuTikA kind of cup made of a leaf folded or doubled
पर्णवाद्य n. parNavAdya sounds produced by blowing into a folded leaves
नीवि f. nIvi band or cord for tying together folded kuza-grass in making offerings at the funeral rites of a zUdra
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