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रभसा indecl. rabhasA forcibly
अवगृह्य adj. avagRhya forcibly
सहसा adverb sahasA forcibly
प्रसभम् adverb prasabham forcibly
स्वयङ्ग्राहम् ind. svayaGgrAham forcibly
प्रसह्य ind. prasahya forcibly
बलात् ind. balAt forcibly
निर्मथ्य ind. nirmathya forcibly
सबलात्कारम् ind. sabalAtkAram forcibly
प्रमाथित adj. pramAthita forcibly carried off
अस्पृत adj. aspRta not forcibly carried off
सन्ताडयति verb santADayati { saMtaD } strike together or forcibly
कन्याहरण n. kanyAharaNa carrying a girl off forcibly
सन्ताड्य adj. santADya to be forcibly struck or beaten
स्वयङ्ग्राह adj. svayaGgrAha one who takes or seizes forcibly
प्रसभोद्धृतारि adj. prasabhoddhRtAri one who has forcibly uprooted his enemies
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