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अतीतकाले adverb atItakAle formerly
गतकाले adverb gatakAle formerly
प्रथम adj. prathama formerly
पूर्वम् adverb pUrvam formerly
सकृत् adverb sakRt formerly
अह्नाय ind. ahnAya formerly
अह्न ind. ahna formerly
पूर्व्यम् ind. pUrvyam formerly
पुरातने indecl. purAtane formerly
पुरा indecl. ad purA formerly
प्राञ्च् m. prAJc formerly
प्राग्वत् ind. prAgvat as formerly
प्रत्नथा ind. pratnathA as formerly
कृतपूर्व adj. kRtapUrva done formerly
प्रथमवास्य adj. prathamavAsya worn formerly
पूर्वोक्त adj. pUrvokta formerly stated
अयथापुरम् ind. ayathApuram not as formerly
पूर्विक adj. pUrvika formerly invited
प्रथमपरिगृहीत adj. prathamaparigRhIta formerly married
आढ्यपूर्व adj. ADhyapUrva formerly rich on
प्रागूढा f. prAgUDhA formerly married
पूर्ववृत्त adj. pUrvavRtta formerly happened
चरितपूर्व adj. caritapUrva performed formerly
पूर्वावधीरित adj. pUrvAvadhIrita formerly disdained
पूर्वाध्युषित adj. pUrvAdhyuSita formerly inhabited
पूर्वोपकारिन् adj. pUrvopakArin one who has formerly
चर adj. cara having been formerly
पूर्वथा ind. pUrvathA formerly or is formerly
पूर्वथा ind. pUrvathA formerly or is formerly
पूर्वानुभूत adj. pUrvAnubhUta formerly felt or enjoyed
पूर्वाचरित adj. pUrvAcarita formerly done or followed
पुराकृत adj. purAkRta done formerly or long ago
उक्तपूर्व adj. uktapUrva spoken before or formerly
पूर्वार्जित adj. pUrvArjita attained and gained formerly [earlier works of an author]
पूर्वचोदित adj. pUrvacodita formerly stated or prescribed
पूर्वोपार्जित adj. pUrvopArjita formerly occupied or acquired
पूर्वाग्नि m. pUrvAgni householder's sacred formerly
पुरोपनीत adj. puropanIta formerly obtained or possessed
आयथापुर्य n. AyathApurya state of being not as formerly
पूर्वदीक्षिन् adj. pUrvadIkSin taking the formerly consecration
पूर्वदेहे ind. pUrvadehe in a formerly birth or existence
पूर्वसुप्त adj. pUrvasupta formerly or already fallen asleep
पूर्वनिविष्ट adj. pUrvaniviSTa made formerly or in ancient times
पूर्वाग्निवाह् n. pUrvAgnivAh bull carrying the sacred formerly
सखिपूर्व adj. sakhipUrva one who has been formerly a friend
पूर्वप्रवृत्त adj. pUrvapravRtta formerly happened or done or fixed
पूर्वनिवासानुस्मृति f. pUrvanivAsAnusmRti reminiscence of formerly existence
पूर्वज adj. pUrvaja born or produced before or formerly
पूर्वजन्मन् n. pUrvajanman formerly state of existence or life
प्राग्वचन n. prAgvacana anything formerly decided or decreed
पूर्वकृत adj. pUrvakRta done formerly or in a prior existence
देवदत्त्तचर adj. devadatttacara formerly in the possession of devadatta
पूर्वाग्निवहन n. pUrvAgnivahana vehicle for carrying the sacred formerly
कृतपूर्विन् adj. kRtapUrvin one by whom anything was formerly done on
समरूप्य adj. samarUpya formerly in the possession of an honest man
रूप्य adj. rUpya formerly in the possession of or possessed by
पूर्वार्जित adj. pUrvArjita attained or gained formerly or by former works
पूर्वरात्रकृत adj. pUrvarAtrakRta done during the formerly previously of the night
पूर्वकल adj. pUrvakala belonging to a formerly time previously mentioned
कृष्णचर adj. kRSNacara belonging formerly or in a former existence to kRSNa
प्राक्तनकर्मन् n. prAktanakarman any act formerly done or done in a former state of existence
छेदोपस्थापनीय n. chedopasthApanIya taking the vows after having broken with doctrines or practices adhered to formerly
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