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पक्ष m. pakSa fortnight
गतैकादश्याम् phrase gataikAdazyAm eleventh day of the previous fortnight
आगामि-चतुर्दश्याम् phrase AgAmi-caturdazyAm on the fourteenth day of the next fortnight
गतशुक्लचतुर्दश्याम् phrase gatazuklacaturdazyAm fourteenth day of the previous bright fortnight
पञ्चदशरात्र m. paJcadazarAtra fortnight
त्रिपक्ष n. tripakSa 3 fortnights
क्षयपक्ष m. kSayapakSa dark fortnight
शुक्लक m. zuklaka light fortnight
शुद्ध m. zuddha bright fortnight
मासार्धमास m. mAsArdhamAsa months and fortnights
वसुदेव्या f. vasudevyA 9th day of a fortnight
नवाह m. navAha first day of a fortnight
शुक्लकृष्ण n. zuklakRSNa light and dark fortnight
ऋतुसन्धि m. Rtusandhi junction of two fortnights
एकादशी f. ekAdazI eleventh day of a fortnight
चतुर्थी f. caturthI 4th day in a lunar fortnight
क्षण m. kSaNa certain day of the fortnight
पूर्वपक्ष m. pUrvapakSa fortnight of the waxing moon
क्षयपक्ष m. kSayapakSa fortnight of the moon's wane
चतुर्दशी f. caturdazI 14th day in a lunar fortnight
हरिप्रिय m. haripriya 12th day of a lunar fortnight
हरिदिन n. haridina 11th day in a lunar fortnight
षष्ठी f. SaSThI sixth day of a lunar fortnight
प्रतिपद् f. pratipad first day of a lunar fortnight
षष्ठमी f. SaSThamI sixth day of a lunar fortnight
रिक्ता f. riktA 14th day of the lunar fortnight
चतुर्थी f. caturthI fourth day of a lunar fortnight
रत्नषष्ठी f. ratnaSaSThI 6th day of a particular fortnight
वद्यपक्ष m. vadyapakSa dark fortnight of the lunar month
पक्षशस् ind. pakSazas by or for half months or fortnights
पक्ष्य adj. pakSya produced or occurring in a fortnight
सप्तमी f. saptamI 7th tithi or lunar day of the fortnight
आर्धमासिक adj. ArdhamAsika observing or practising for a fortnight
कल्याणीपञ्चमीक adj. kalyANIpaJcamIka a fortnight having the fifth night lucky
चतुर्दशिक caturdazika feast on the 14th day of a lunar fortnight
पक्षभुक्ति f. pakSabhukti course traversed by the sun in a fortnight
एकादशीव्रत n. ekAdazIvrata fasting on the eleventh day of a fortnight
श्रवणापक्ष m. zravaNApakSa fortnight that precedes the zravaNA full moon
अर्धमासतम adj. ardhamAsatama done or happening every half month or fortnight
पाक्षायण adj. pAkSAyaNa belonging to or occurring in a pakSa or fortnight
पर्वसन्धि m. parvasandhi junction of the 15th and 1st of a lunar fortnight
कल्याणपञ्चमीक adj. kalyANapaJcamIka any fortnight the fifth lunar day of which is lucky
ऋतुसमा n. RtusamA cohabitation during the fortnight after menstruation
शुदि ind. zudi in the light fortnight or light half of a lunar month
चान्द्रायण n. cAndrAyaNa and increased in like manner during the light fortnight
अदुःखनवमि f. aduHkhanavami propitious ninth day in the first fortnight of bhAdrapada
पक्षहोम m. pakSahoma oblation lasting for a fortnight or to be offered every fortnight
पक्षहोम m. pakSahoma oblation lasting for a fortnight or to be offered every fortnight
चान्द्रायण n. cAndrAyaNa food being diminished every day by one mouthful for the dark fortnight
सन्धिवेला f. sandhivelA any period or time which connects parts of the day or night or fortnight
वर्षर्तुमासपक्षाहोवेलादेशप्रदेशवत् adj. varSartumAsapakSAhovelAdezapradezavat containing a statement of the place and country and time and day and fortnight and month and season and year
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