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दुर्ग m. durga fortress
पुरा f. purA fortress
पुर् f. pur fortress
पुरी f. purI fortress
मन्थर m. manthara fortress
स्थान n. sthAna fortress
दृढ n. dRDha fortress
द्वन्द्व n. dvandva fortress
महापुर n. mahApura great fortress
देवपुरा f. devapurA divine fortress
सुपुर n. supura strong fortress
भनक्ति verb bhanakti { bhaJj } make a breach in [a fortress]
दुर्गव्यसन n. durgavyasana defect in a fortress
अमरकोट m. amarakoTa fortress of immortals
महापुरी f. mahApurI great fortress or city
दुर्गाधिकारिन् m. durgAdhikArin governor of a fortress
दुर्गाध्यक्ष m. durgAdhyakSa governor of a fortress
पूर्जयन n. pUrjayana conquest of a fortress
पूर्याण adj. pUryANa leading to the fortress
पुरदाह m. puradAha burning of the 3 fortresses
पुररोध m. purarodha siege of a fortress or city
दुर्गाश्रयण n. durgAzrayaNa taking refuge in a fortress
षड्दुर्ग n. SaDdurga collection of six fortresses
सुदृढहर्म्यवत् adj. sudRDhaharmyavat having very strong fortresses
पुरोत्सव m. purotsava fortress solemnized in a city
पुराधिप m. purAdhipa governor of a city or fortress
पुराध्यक्ष m. purAdhyakSa governor of a city or fortress
दुर्गावरोध m. durgAvarodha investing or besieging a fortress
पुरजित् m. purajit conqueror of fortresses or of pura
पुरमथन m. puramathana destroyer of fortresses or of pura
पुरमथितृ m. puramathitR destroyer of fortresses or of pura
पुरभिद् m. purabhid destroyer of fortresses or of pura
पुरिशय adj. purizaya reposing in the fortress or fastness
दुर्गपाल m. durgapAla commandant or governor of a fortress
अब्दुर्ग n. abdurga fortress surrounded by a moat or lake
दुर्गसम्पद् f. durgasampad perfection or excellence of a fortress
पूर्भिद्य n. pUrbhidya breaking down strongholds or fortresses
पूर्भिद् adj. pUrbhid one who breaks down strongholds or fortresses
विहितदुर्गरचन adj. vihitadurgaracana one who has enjoined the building of a fortress
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