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पुरदाह m. puradAha burning of the 3 fortresses
षड्दुर्ग n. SaDdurga collection of six fortresses
सुदृढहर्म्यवत् adj. sudRDhaharmyavat having very strong fortresses
पुरमथितृ m. puramathitR destroyer of fortresses or of pura
पुरभिद् m. purabhid destroyer of fortresses or of pura
पुरजित् m. purajit conqueror of fortresses or of pura
पुरमथन m. puramathana destroyer of fortresses or of pura
पूर्भिद्य n. pUrbhidya breaking down strongholds or fortresses
पूर्भिद् adj. pUrbhid one who breaks down strongholds or fortresses
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