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सादृश्य-मूलक adj. sAdRzya-mUlaka analogical [founded on analogy]
स्थापित adj. sthApita founded
समूल adj. samUla founded
विसृष्ट adj. visRSTa founded
मित adj. mita founded
निविष्ट adj. niviSTa founded
समववस्थापित adj. samavavasthApita founded
प्रतिष्ठित ppp. pratiSThita founded
निविशते verb nivizate { niviz } be founded
हेतुमत् adj. hetumat well-founded
हेतुयुक्त adj. hetuyukta well-founded
स्थानवत् adj. sthAnavat well-founded
प्रमाणवत् adj. pramANavat well-founded
प्रमाणवत् adj. pramANavat well-founded
हेतुयुक्त adj. hetuyukta well-founded
स्थानवत् adj. sthAnavat well-founded
सहेतु adj. sahetu well-founded
सुधातु adj. sudhAtu well-founded
विष्टभित adj. viSTabhita well founded
सुधातु adj. sudhAtu well-founded
सहेतु adj. sahetu well-founded
हेतुमत् adj. hetumat well-founded
निवेश्य adj. nivezya to be founded
दुस्तर्कमूल adj. dustarkamUla founded on it
तमोनिष्ठ adj. tamoniSTha founded on darkness
प्रतिभा f. pratibhA founded supposition
संस्थित adj. saMsthita founded or based upon
हैतुक adj. haituka founded on some motive
दैर्घवरत्र adj. dairghavaratra founded by dIrghavaratra
वल्गामठ m. valgAmaTha college founded by valgA
निरागम adj. nirAgama not founded on revelation
हुष्कपुर n. huSkapura town founded by king huSka
सोपन्यास adj. sopanyAsa well founded or substantiated
सोपपत्तिक adj. sopapattika well founded or substantiated
तपोमूल adj. tapomUla founded on religious austerity
सन्देश्य adj. sandezya founded on direction or impulse
वाचनिक adj. vAcanika founded on an express statement
प्रामाणिक adj. prAmANika founded on evidence or authority
प्रतिष्ठितयशस् adj. pratiSThitayazas one whose renown is well founded
विरोधोपमा f. virodhopamA comparison founded on opposition
वेदान्तनिष्ठ adj. vedAntaniSTha founded or resting on the vedAnta
बिन्दुप्रतिष्ठामय adj. bindupratiSThAmaya founded or based upon the anusvAra
धनमूल adj. dhanamUla proceeding from or founded on wealth
श्रुतिमूलक adj. zrutimUlaka founded on or springing from the veda
श्रुतवत् adj. zrutavat connected with or founded on knowledge
अभिधामूल adj. abhidhAmUla founded on the literal meaning of a word
वेदबाह्य adj. vedabAhya not founded on i.e. contrary to the veda
वैदिकत्व n. vaidikatva being founded on or derived from the veda
शाब्दव्यञ्जना f. zAbdavyaJjanA suggestion or insinuation founded on mere words
कारण n. kAraNa that on which an opinion or judgement is founded
आजीविक m. AjIvika religious mendicant of the sect founded by gozAla
श्रौत adj. zrauta prescribed by or founded on or conformable to the veda
तर्क m. tarka system or doctrine founded on speculation or reasoning
तीर्थ n. tIrtha one of the ten orders of ascetics founded by zaMkarAcArya
अनुराधग्राम m. anurAdhagrAma ancient capital of Ceylon founded by the above-named anurAdha
अनुराधपुर n. anurAdhapura ancient capital of Ceylon founded by the above-named anurAdha
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