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जुष्ट adj. juSTa frequented
आसेवित adj. Asevita frequented
गत adj. gata frequented
संस्थित adj. saMsthita frequented
समर्य adj. samarya frequented
सेवित adj. sevita frequented
उपयात adj. upayAta frequented
संनिषेवित adj. saMniSevita frequented
आक्रान्त adj. AkrAnta frequented
शीलित adj. zIlita frequented
निर्जुष्ट adj. nirjuSTa frequented
संसेवित adj. saMsevita frequented
पूजित adj. pUjita frequented
चेष्टित adj. ceSTita frequented
निषेवित adj. niSevita frequented
अभिजुष्ट adj. abhijuSTa frequented
आचरित adj. Acarita frequented by
बहुसंस्थित adj. bahusaMsthita much frequented
संसेव्य adj. saMsevya to be frequented
निराकुल adj. nirAkula little frequented
गोष्पद adj. goSpada frequented by cows
अगत n. agata not yet frequented
असम्बाधा adj. asambAdhA scarcely frequented
असम्बाध adj. asambAdha scarcely frequented
गोयुत adj. goyuta frequented by cattle
कराङ्गण m. karAGgaNa much-frequented market
कराङ्गण m. karAGgaNa much-frequented market
m. Tha place frequented by all
ग्रीष्मवन n. grISmavana grove frequented in summer
निषेव्य adj. niSevya to be frequented or enjoyed
आसेव्य adj. Asevya to be frequented or visited
नन्दिक्षेत्र n. nandikSetra district frequented by gods
समनुष्य adj. samanuSya visited or frequented by men
अनावृत्त adj. anAvRtta not frequented or approached
शार्दूलमृगसेवित adj. zArdUlamRgasevita frequented by tigers and deer
सेवितव्य adj. sevitavya to be frequented or inhabited
पितृकानन n. pitRkAnana place frequented by the pitRs
सजन adj. sajana frequented or inhabited by men
श्वापदसेवित adj. zvApadasevita frequented or infested by wild beast
सञ्जुष्ट adj. saJjuSTa visited or frequented or inhabited by
परेताचरित adj. paretAcarita frequented or inhabited by the departed
गणपर्वत m. gaNaparvata mountain frequented by troops of demi-gods
सेव्य adj. sevya to be resorted to or frequented or inhabited by
असञ्चर m. asaJcara not a passage which is frequented or accessible
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