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गृह्य adj. gRhya to be taken together with
गृह्य adj. gRhya dependent
गृह्य adj. gRhya perceptible
गृह्य adj. gRhya domestic
गृह्य adj. gRhya to be acknowledged or admitted
गृह्य adj. gRhya adhering to the party of
गृह्य adj. gRhya domesticated
गृह्य adj. gRhya to be adopted or trusted or relied on
गृह्य adj. gRhya being in close relation to
गृह्य adj. gRhya living in houses
गृह्य adj. gRhya to be grasped or taken
गृह्य adj. gRhya belonging to a house
गृह्य adj. gRhya not free
गृह्या f. gRhyA being outside
गृह्या f. gRhyA domestic rites and the rules relating to them
गृह्य m. gRhya domesticated animal
गृह्य m. gRhya domestics
गृह्य m. gRhya domestic fire
गृह्य m. gRhya the inmates of a house [pl.]
गृह्य n. gRhya domestic rule or affair
गृह्य n. gRhya suburb
गृह्य n. gRhya domestic rite
गृह्यक adj. gRhyaka domesticated
गृह्याग्नि m. gRhyAgni sacred fire which it is incumbent on every Brahman to keep up
गृह्याग्नि m. gRhyAgni domestic fire
गृह्यवत् adj. gRhyavat having many adherents or partisans
गृह्यसूत्र n. gRhyasUtra ritual work containing directions for domestic rites and ceremonies
गृह्यकारिका f. gRhyakArikA in metrical form
गृह्यकर्मन् n. gRhyakarman domestic rite
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