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गण्ड m. gaNDa button [computer]
गन्ध m. gandha scent
गन्ध m. gandha smell
गण्डक m. gaNDaka rhinoceros
गन्धक n. gandhaka sulphur
गण्डास्थि n. gaNDAsthi cheekbone [Anat.]
गण्डास्थि n. gaNDAsthi zygoma [Anat.]
गान्धर्व m. gAndharva marriage which requires only mutual agreement
गन्धहर m. gandhahara deodorant
अस्तु-गण्ड m. astu-gaNDa OK button [computer]
गण्डभित्ति f. gaNDabhitti cheekbone
गन्धानुसारिन् m. gandhAnusArin bloodhound
गन्धवर्तिका f. gandhavartikA sandal stick
गन्धवर्तिका f. gandhavartikA incense
गण्डा f. gaNDA verbal root gaND
गण्ड m gaNDa whole side of the face
गण्ड m. gaNDa rhinoceros
गण्ड m. gaNDa part of a horse's trappings
गण्ड m. gaNDa boil
गण्ड m. gaNDa stud or button fixed as an ornament upon the harness
गण्ड m. gaNDa goitre or any other excrescence of the neck
गण्ड m. gaNDa pimple
गण्ड m. gaNDa bone
गण्ड m. gaNDa hero
गण्ड m. gaNDa cheek
गण्ड m. gaNDa astronomical period
गण्ड m. gaNDa pledge
गण्ड m. gaNDa bubble
गण्ड m. gaNDa whole side of the face including the temple
गण्ड m. gaNDa joint
गण्ड m. gaNDa best
गण्ड m. gaNDa side
गण्ड m. gaNDa chief
गण्ड m. gaNDa mark
गण्ड m. gaNDa bladder
गण्ड m. gaNDa spot
गण्ड m. gaNDa excellent
गण्ड m.,n. gaNDa abrupt interchange of question and answer
गन्धा f. gandhA metre of 17+18+17+18 syllables
गन्धा f. gandhA medicinal plant known for psychedelic effects [Desmodium Gangeticum - Bot.]
गन्ध m. gandha ziva
गन्ध m. gandha relationship
गन्ध m. gandha fragrance
गन्ध m. gandha myrrh
गन्ध m. gandha sectarial mark on the forehead
गन्ध m. gandha fragrant substance
गन्ध m. gandha neighbour
गन्ध m. gandha arrogance
गन्ध m. gandha small quantity
गन्ध m. gandha odour
गन्ध m. gandha little
गन्ध m. gandha pounded sandal-wood
गन्ध m. gandha aroma
गन्ध m. gandha sulphur
गन्ध m. gandha drumstick tree [Hyperanthera Moringa - Bot.]
गन्ध m. gandha mere smell of anything
गन्ध m. gandha perfume
गन्ध m. gandha pride
गन्ध m. gandha connection
गन्ध n. gandha black aloe-wood
घण्ड m. ghaNDa bee
गण्डका f. gaNDakA lump
गण्डका f. gaNDakA ball
गण्डक m. gaNDaka metre of 4 x 20 syllables
गण्डक m. gaNDaka disjunction
गण्डक m. gaNDaka mode of reckoning by fours
गण्डक m. gaNDaka kind of science
गण्डक m. gaNDaka obstacle
गण्डक m. gaNDaka separation
गण्डक m. gaNDaka mark
गण्डक m. gaNDaka spot
गण्डक m. gaNDaka coin of the value of four cowries
गाण्डाली f. gANDAlI kind of grass
गण्डाली f. gaNDAlI white dUrvA grass
गण्डारि m. gaNDAri enemy of the cheek
गण्डारि m. gaNDAri Orchid tree [Bauhinia variegata - Bot.]
गण्डति verb gaNDati { gaND } affect the cheek
गण्डाङ्ग m. gaNDAGga rhinoceros
गण्डान्त n. gaNDAnta first fourth of an asterism preceded by a node of asterisms
गन्धग adj. gandhaga redolent
गन्धग adj. gandhaga smelling
गन्धग adj. gandhaga taking a scent
गन्धज adj. gandhaja consisting of fragrant substances
गन्धक adj. gandhaka having the smell of
गन्धक m. gandhaka drumstick tree [Hyperanthera Moringa - Bot.]
गन्धक m. gandhaka perfumes
गन्धाला f. gandhAlA Indian charcoal-tree [Trema orientalis - Bot.]
गन्धाली f. gandhAlI Stinkvine [ Paederia foetida - Bot. ]
गन्धाली f. gandhAlI wasp
गन्धालु adj. gandhAlu fragrant
गन्धालु m. gandhAlu fragrant rice
गन्धन m. gandhana kind of rice
गन्धन n. gandhana pointing out or alluding to the faults of others
गन्धन n. gandhana hurting
गन्धन n. gandhana spreading or diffusion of odours
गन्धन n. gandhana injury
गन्धन n. gandhana continued effort
गन्धन n. gandhana perseverance
गन्धन n. gandhana derision
गन्धप m. gandhapa inhaling the odour
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