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गान्धिक m. gAndhika vendor of perfumes
गण्डिका f. gaNDikA little knot in the wood
गण्डिका f. gaNDikA anything advanced beyond the first stage or commencement
गण्डिका f. gaNDikA hill
गन्धिक adj. gandhika having the smell or
गन्धिक adj. gandhika having a very little of anything
गन्धिक adj. gandhika having only the smell
गन्धिक m. gandhika seller of perfumes
गन्धिक m. gandhika sulphur
गान्धिक m. gAndhika clerk
गान्धिक m. gAndhika kind of worm having a strong fetid smell
गान्धिक m. gAndhika perfumer
गान्धिक n. gAndhika fragrant wares
गान्धिक n. gAndhika perfumes
गन्धिकापण n. gandhikApaNa place where fragrances are sold
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