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गहन adj. gahana impenetrable
गहन adj. gahana impervious
गहन adj. gahana thick
गहन adj. gahana impassable
गहन n. gahana wood
गहन n. gahana thicket
गहनता f. gahanatA complexity [computer]
गहनता f. gahanatA profundity
गहनत्व n. gahanatva density
अस्थि - गहन n. asthi - gahana bony labyrinth [in the ear]
बाह्यक-गहन n. bAhyaka-gahana cortical labyrinth [in the kidney]
गहन adj. gahana dense
गहन adj. gahana deep
गहन adj. gahana inexplicable
गहन adj. gahana hard to be understood
गहना f. gahanA ornament
गहन n. gahana metre consisting of thirty-two syllables
गहन n. gahana hiding-place
गहन n. gahana depth
गहन n. gahana maze
गहन n. gahana impenetrable darkness
गहन n. gahana abyss
गहन n. gahana pain
गहन n. gahana distress
गहन n. gahana labyrinth
गहन n. gahana inaccessible place
गाहन n. gAhana bathing
गाहन n. gAhana diving into
गहन n. gahana cave
गहनत्व n. gahanatva impenetrability
गहनवत् adj. gahanavat having hiding-places or thickets
गहनायते verb gahanAyate { gahanAya } lie in wait for anyone in a secret place
गहनायते verb gahanAyate { gahanAya } have treacherous intentions towards another
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