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गान्धर्व m. gAndharva marriage which requires only mutual agreement
गान्धर्व adj. gAndharva relating to the gandharvas as heavenly choristers
गान्धर्व adj. gAndharva belonging or relating to the gandharvas
गन्धर्वा f. gandharvA durgA
गान्धर्व m. gAndharva singer
गन्धर्व m. gandharva celestial musician
गान्धर्व n. gAndharva concert
गान्धर्व n. gAndharva song
गान्धर्व n. gAndharva music
गान्धर्व n. gAndharva art of the gandharvas
गन्धर्वर्तु m. gandharvartu time or season of the gandharvas
गन्धर्वत्व n. gandharvatva state of a gandharva
गान्धर्वकला f. gAndharvakalA art of the gandharvas
गान्धर्वकला f. gAndharvakalA music
गान्धर्वकला f. gAndharvakalA song
गन्धर्वलोक m. gandharvaloka worlds of the gandharvas
गन्धर्वपद n. gandharvapada abode of the gandharvas
गन्धर्वपुर n. gandharvapura kind of mirage over water or sand
गन्धर्वपुर n. gandharvapura city of the gandharvas
गन्धर्वराज m. gandharvarAja chief of the gandharvas
गान्धर्ववेद m. gAndharvaveda veda of music
गान्धर्वशाला f. gAndharvazAlA concert-room
गान्धर्वशाला f. gAndharvazAlA music-hall
गान्धर्वचित्त adj. gAndharvacitta one whose mind is possessed by the gandharvas
गन्धर्वग्रह m. gandharvagraha being possessed by a gandharva
गन्धर्वहस्त m. gandharvahasta castor-oil tree
गन्धर्वपत्नी f. gandharvapatnI apsaras
गन्धर्वपत्नी f. gandharvapatnI wife of a gandharva
गन्धर्वतैल n. gandharvataila castor-oil
गन्धर्वविद्या f. gandharvavidyA music
गन्धर्वगृहीत adj. gandharvagRhIta possessed by a gandharva
गन्धर्वनगर n. gandharvanagara city of the gandharva people
गन्धर्वनगर n. gandharvanagara imaginary town in the sky
गन्धर्वनगर n. gandharvanagara kind of mirage over water or sand
गन्धर्वविवाह m. gandharvavivAha marriage proceeding entirely from love without ceremonies and without consulting relatives
गन्धर्वविवाह m. gandharvavivAha form of marriage peculiar to the gandharvas
गान्धर्वविवाह n. gAndharvavivAha love marriage
गन्धर्वप्रत्युपस्थित adj. gandharvapratyupasthita pregnant
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